The Anti-Fascist Rallies in San Francisco Today & The Sad Alt-Right Showing at Crissy Field

Updated: Apr 16, 2018 08:46
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It was a beautiful day to march around and squash fascist ideology in San Francisco.  While the much touted white supremacists cowered in their hotel rooms, San Franciscans rallied and marched all over our city in the name of love, equality, and human rights.

There were anti-fascist, pro-love rallies at Alamo Square, Dolores Park, The Mission, The Castro & The Civic Center.  And if you were trying to drive across Market st, you may have been stuck waiting while thousands marched by you.  The alt-right group Patriot Prayer eventually showed up at Crissy Field in the afternoon with a sprinkling of white nationalists and a platoon of US park police in tow, but perhaps what was most striking about their surprise appearance, was how little anyone cared.

The overwhelming thousands of peace loving lefties, held court in San Francisco, while a couple dozen ‘right wingers’ took a sad walk around the Presidio, and held a press conferences in Pacifica that nobody bothered to watch.

Here are the pictures I took with Stuart and our band of counter protesters during our journey around the city.  There are also a few photos we used from Jessica Christian (and others) who took awesome pictures today.
(You should follow @jachristian on twitter, she does dope work).

Alamo Square 11am

photo by alex mak

Police barricaded all streets leading to Alamo Square, groups of protesters at times pushed at the fencing and at one point broke through to join a protest in front of Alamo Square. Photo Alex Mak

photo by alex mak

A faction of protesters made it past the police blockades and began a demonstration of unity in front of Alamo Square. Photo Alex Mak

Protesters at Alamo Square were literally surrounded by hundreds of San Francisco Riot Police. But the rally was relatively peaceful. Photo Alex Mak

The SFPD reportedly had every available officer on duty in the city on Saturday (est. 1,900 officers). Photo Alex Mak

just awesome. Photo Alex Mak

Protesters sitting and doing a unity clap, a la Cesar Chavez. Photo Stuart Schuffman

sf public defender @JeffAdachi speaking about human rights and standing up to hate. Alamo Square SF. Photo Alex Mak

March to the Mission

Photo Alex Mak

Photo Alex Mak

#SF. Photo Alex Mak

Anti-Fascist Rally at  24th & Mission St.

In the mission protesters heard music, spoken word, hip-hop, & of course they lit a Trump Pinata on fire and took turns stomping it with feet, sticks, bicycles, and even a walker.

Photo Alex Mak

Photo Alex Mak

Photo Alex Mak

Photo Alex Mak

Castro Rally & March to Civic Center

There was also a massive love and solidarity rally at Harvey Milk Plaza, that kicked off a march to the Civic Center.

photo @AntoniaJuhasz

photo: @AntoniaJuhasz

photo @AntoniaJuhasz

Civic Center Rally

Amazing ‘fuck nazi’s’ type signage at the Civic Center today, as well as a lot of proud liberals cheering for what they know to be right.

Photo: Alex Mak

Photo: Alex Mak

Photo: Alex Mak

Photo: Alex Mak

Photo: Alex Mak

Patriot Prayer ‘Press Conference’

The right wing group that associates with known white supremacists, hid in a hotel room in Pacifica, while anti-fascists and pro-love rallies where happening all over the city.

Joey Gibson, spokesman for ‘patriot Prayer’

Alt-Right Show up at Crissy Field 4pm

When they were sure it was safe, Joey Gibson and a handful of trump supporters and white nationalists showed up at Crissy Field.  To see video and other photos of this event check out @jachristian coverage on twitter.

Patriot Prayer spokesman Joey Gibson showed up at Crissy Field in the afternoon with a dozen or so supporters. Photo @jachristian

Antifa counter-protester blasting noise to drown out alt right chants and speech. Photo @jachristian

Riot police at Crissy Field. Photo @jachristian

Thank you San Francisco, there was a lot of anxiety in the lead up to this Saturday.  But we made it through while standing our ground and without getting anyone hurt.  Now on to Berkeley & Oakland tomorrow.

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  1. August 27, 2017 at 9:57 am

    great reporting! way to go, San FranciscOOOOOO!!!!

  2. Joshua Lizard
    August 27, 2017 at 10:39 am

    Idiots and fascists every last on of them. If you don’t like what someone is demonstrating about, let them demonstrate to an empty stadium. They’ll get the message. If you want your opinion to be heard schedule your own demonstration. That way no one will try to rob you of your first amendment rights either… unless of course you schedule a right wing rally in which case you are going to have your civil liberties trampled into the dirt by an angry army of “liberal” fascist. And if your goal was to prove that the right is better than the left, congratulations… you won.
    Today the left wing has become entirely overrun with vile idiot fascists who seem to be able to think of nothing better to do with their energy than complain about and stifle the civil liberties of everyone they don’t agree with. Next election I will be voting republican straight down the line for the first time ever.

    • Joshua Lizard
      August 27, 2017 at 11:38 am

      BTW- since you all seem to be unclear on the definitions… A bigot is someone who cannot tolerate people of a certain creed, opinion, belief or ideology. A fascist is someone who uses force or violence to stifle or suppress opposing opinions or beliefs. Antifa are bigoted fascists. Also they are hypocrites. If they wanted to be true to their name they would be protesting against themselves. If you want to live in a totalitarian fascist dictatorship you should be happy about the progress they are making.
      If on the other hand you wanted to be a true liberal, you would be defending the rights of whichever minority whose civil liberties were being threatened including Neo-Nazi and even (GASP) Trump supporters. If you wanted to be a loyal Democrat you should be rallying for the immediate resignation of Nancy Pelosi and the entire DNC after, in exchange for massive amounts of bribe money, they conspiring to deprive Bernie Sander of his right to a fair election and you of your rightly elected front runner. You certainly wouldn’t be blaming Trump and his supporters or even Putin and his hackers for stealing the election. Nor would you be directing your hatred wherever it was directed by the party that betrayed you, you imbeciles. .
      No wonder none of you care about Freedom of Speech. Evidently you don’t have any freedom of thought.