Doc’s Clock is Finally Getting it’s Sign Back! Drink to Save the Sign!

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Doc’s Clock is a Mission classic.  When they lost their lease at 2575 Mission St in 2017, locals, patrons, and the general community were in an uproar, nobody wanted to lose their beloved dive.  So what did Doc and its owner Carrey do?  They found a place just down the street at 2417 Mission St. and recreated the magic.  In fact, the new Doc’s clock is such a mirror image of its old self, after you drink a couple beers, it’s almost as if it never moved.  And now with a 20-year lease AND Legacy Business Status making Doc’s one of our city’s historical assets, the future has never looked brighter.   Once it gets its iconic sign back, the transformation will be complete.  And you can help them do it…move the sign!  Not literally, they’ll get professionals to do that, but by drinking their booze and donating a couple bucks, YOU TOO, can help move the sign!
The bar constantly hosts fundraisers for so many worthy causes that it’s great to be able to help them out on their fundraiser.   Moving the sign and reinstalling it is going to take a lot of green (like $20k)that’s a lot for a small business.  Were asking for patrons to give a couple bucks via Doc’s GoFundMe page to help with the transition, and better yet, come to the Benefit at Doc’s Clock on March 2nd which will include a silent auction.

Doc’s Clock
2417 Mission St. SF
Donate to the sign here

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