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SF Reporter Finds ‘Poop Graffiti’, Interrogates London Breed

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It’s been a tough week.  Across the state, wildfires have devastated communities and displaced tens of thousands of Californians.  In San Francisco, we’ve been breathing toxic, orange air and hearing terrible reports from the fire’s front lines, many times directly from friends and relatives brutally affected by the fire’s violence.  But then something amazing happens to take your mind off things…

My new favorite NBCBay Area Reporter Bigad Shaban, unleashed a hot, scathing report on San Francisco’s poop problems.   In a gritty and explosive, hands-on report, Bigad walks the streets of San Francisco, counting poops, interrogating Mayor London Breed about the poops he found, and then taking multiple pictures of what he thinks is ‘Poop Graffiti’.

We’re guessing ‘SATE’ is someone’s girlfriend?

It appears to some, to be nothing more than a caulking foam.  But we weren’t there taking pictures of it with a zoom lens like Bigad, so we’ll take NBC’s word for it, that it is, in fact, ‘authentic’ poop art.  Bigad and his team counted the poops, needles, and trash they found on SF streets 10 months ago, and then recounted this week, they then compared #1 with #2, and came to the conclusion that there are MORE doo-doos now on our streets than before!  They counted 159 poops on 20 different SF blocks, which was a 67% caca increase from last time!

Mayor London Breed partially ran on ‘cleaning up the streets’, and promised SF voters the streets would be noticeably cleaner within 3 months of her taking office.  But I bet she didn’t count on NBC Bay Area getting all up in her shit about it!  In one of 2018’s best Mayoral interviews, Bigad drops the hard-hitting poop questions on Breed and backs them up with a sizable data dumb he and his team took themselves.

Whether the poop Graffiti (we’re now calling Gra-feces) is authentic ‘poo-poo’ or not, we do not yet know, if there is a reporter out there willing to get their hands dirty to find out, or someone who knows the artists let us know, we’d love to interview them.  Meanwhile, keep watching where you step San Francisco.

NBC’s full (and amazing) article & coverage here.


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