Tay and the JangLahDahs Debut Stunning New Video

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Tay and the JangLahDahs’ new video premieres today!

Tay and the JangLahDahs specialize in mixing colorful, harmonic blends of Folk, Rock, Soul and Psych into a ‘timeless, freak-folk spirit of advice’.  Their new music video, ‘Wise Words’ was filmed at Pyramid Lake and Lake Tahoe, and it’s full of stunning, rich visuals as well as artful composition, check it out…

Tay and the JangLahDahs – Wise Words 

Lead vocalist Tay Gersbach on the band’s labor of love: “We have been working on this video tirelessly, beginning in February 2018, and we are proud to release it to start of this new year!…As a do-it-ourselves effort, we utilized our energy and talents to bring this video to life from nothing to a-helluva-somethin, and we are proud of it…I acted as Producer/Director; Brianna Janssen-Saldivar as Art Director; Videography was done by John Lendved, and editor Jeremiah Zeier of Kinonaut Dynamic Cinema.

We asked Tay some questions about their new video:

What’s the significance of the title ‘Wise Words’?
TG: A lot of the songs I write revolve around advice that I have been given, or that I would like to give others. The lyrics in Wise Words are a reflection on a bit of bad advice I have been given about guilt and confrontation- or, rather, the lack thereof- and what happens when it is followed. Thus, the song’s message is a bit of wise advise… or Wise Words.

The symbology of the marbles? Ropes?
TG: In short- these metaphors are inspired from the age-old phrases: “I’ve got this weight on my shoulders” and “You’ve lost your marbles!” The ropes, or rope-cape, is Brianna Janssen-Saldivar’s beautiful, sculptural interpretation of the fifty pounds of weight that captures, contains, and drags heavily behind someone when there is guilt or something needed to be confronted. The marbles are sanity: fun little bits of smooth and beautiful glass you hold dearly within the containment of your mind. When you can’t contain them anymore, they spill and bounce away in an uncontrollable chaos and ultimately roll underneath your furniture into the darkest corners of your room and get lost.

Who are the JangLahDahs?
TG: Tay Gersbach (Vocals, Drums, Banjolele), Greg Fogg (Guitar, Violin, Vocals), Eric Wilson (Keys, Guitar, Vocals), Mike Tiura (Bass, Mandolin) Matt Beard (Drums, Guitar, Alt. Percussion), Andrew Byars (Vocals, Horn). On the album recording of Wise Words on the Music Video, we had the privilege of having Dani Robison of Sapphire Lung on Bass.

Favorite venues to play in in the Bay Area?
TG: The Uptown, The Starry Plough, The Ivy Room, the Bay Area Arts Mixer! .. and the former Night Light, Elbo Room and Legionnaire… Oy Vey…

Bloomin’ (Live Shady Pines Session)

Recording Tay and the Janglahdahs at Shady Pines Media!w/ Taylor, Greg Fogg, and Kevin

Posted by Brian Bauer on Sunday, February 26, 2017

What’s coming up for you guys?
TG: After this video release, our energy is going straight into completing our debut-album epic, Bloomin’, we recorded and have been working on since December of 2017! Self-recorded and produced at GrayScale Studios by Greg Fogg and Tay Gersbach of JangleTown Productions. We are currently in the final process of mixing the 12 track album with Chris Nishimoto. It will be sent off to Myles Boisen for Mastering, and printed on CD with a bunch of local art in a booklet in the centerfold.

Our band funds are gathering from our shows and EPs sold, and hoping to raise enough through our efforts to get a special run tapes and vinyl to go along with the CDs! We hope to have it complete and printed in March 2019. Until then, we have shows and are planning a June tour up the coast to the Pacific Northwest (Maybe even Canada, eh!).

If you like our video and music, you can help us reach these goals and get a sneak peek of the upcoming album by purchasing our Soft-Album EP on, or coming to our shows! You can find us as part of an epic bill on February 22 at The Starry Plough in Berkeley with Roxy Rawson, Radio Keys, and long-time bay area centric super band, La Dee Da. We keep adding more, so keep updated by liking our facebook page, following our instagram or on
Also, support Broke Ass Stuart- we love them! Thank you!


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