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04 Aug 2023

The Condition Where Art Would Disappear at 500 Capp by David Ireland

Did you know a living sculpture resides at 500 Capp Street in the Mission? From 1974 until 2004 conceptual artist David Ireland called this address home. In this show curated by Lian Ladia, we have a chance to explore the works of this legendary artist. Ireland is known internationally for

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13 Jul 2023

Capturing San Francisco One Fine Line at a Time: Amos Goldbaum

For those of us who never tire of looking at San Francisco, who can wander the streets of our city and gaze admiringly at the centuries-old victorians, next to modern glass and steel scrappers, across from Beaux-Arts behemoths.  For those of us who stop and soak in our cypress, redwood, and eucalyptus trees, or pause to appreciate a charming storefront, linger to peruse a planter box full of succulents, and still take the time to look up at a pyramid, dome, or tower…

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19 Jul 2023

The East Bay Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the 2023-2024 East Bay Beer Passport! There’s no better way to explore the East Bay than to literally drink it in. Each passport contains 27 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 27 of the finest locally owned breweries,

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07 Jul 2023

The Sonoma Art Movement Revolutionizing Art Education Globally

There’s an art school and museum in Sonoma you may have never heard that is boldly revolutionizing the art education landscape globally. Musea, the Intentional Creativity® museum, is changing the way artists create by challenging what we consider the typical methods of making art. They teach creators how to navigate

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07 Jul 2023

Artist and Curator You Should Know: Ray Beldner

As we head into July, there is a visual feast happening in San Anselmo. Shape Shifters: A Group Exhibition of Irregular Dimensions is curated by artist and stARTup Director Ray Beldner – with the opening on July 8th at Garvey|Simon Gallery. Included in this show are works by Stephanie Beck,

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22 Jun 2023

Robots and Donuts: The Fantastical World of Artist Eric Joyner

Every colorful art piece was emblazoned with Robots and Donuts. Those Robots were alive! And they were out there doing whatever they damn well pleased. Robots adventuring in the deep jungle alongside pack elephants piled high with giant Donuts…

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16 Jun 2023

Artistry & Resilience: The Journey of SF Muralist Amandalynn

I think by now you know that my love for public art spans across all genres. Whether it’s strolling along Oakland’s Troll Trail filled with random “trolls” made made from scrap materials, SF’s mosaic stairs or massive collaborative street art murals. Through my years of exploring The Bay Area’s public

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25 May 2023

The Full Queer, Activist Wrestlers Gripping the Bay

“Wrestling is my protest art. We are all going through things that feel as insurmountable as getting up from a flying elbow drop or gutwrench power bomb. If I get up, you can get up too. Our victory is in our resilience.” – Rosie Fingers (she/her)

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23 Mar 2023

San Francisco’s Newest Art Center & Nonprofit Success Story

The 4-story historic Dempster building at 447 Minna has been redone and repurposed, revitalized from its heyday as a Hearst-era print shop, the charming brick facades and the “LETS GO GIANTS” block letters remain, but the interior of the building is reborn as an affordable, state-of-the-art facility for working artists to paint, play, perform, and exhibit in.

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