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Free Burgers for Teachers (and everyone else) Today

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It’s the last Monday in April, which means it’s Super Duper Day in San Francisco.   The SF based burger chain is gifting free burgers to the first 100 people in line at 3 p.m. at every Super Duper location.  It’s like a city-wide hamburger happy hour, but this year there is a great, feel good, added bonus, at 5pm Super Duber is giving free burgers to all SF Teachers.

So if you’re a teacher stop by any Super Duper with a valid school ID between 5pm-8pm, and a Mini Burger or Veggie Burger is on the house! We suppose this includes principles, admins, janitors, and even substitutes, because as long as you have some kind of school ID, we doubt the nice people at Super Duper will be asking too many questions.

In fact, to all school children of San Francisco, this is a great opportunity for you to use the classic stacked children in a trenchcoat move, this disguise always fools the adults into thinking that several children are in fact, one adult.

This way you can use your school ID to get a free teacher burger too.

Broom hand is a creative choice.

If you’re short on friends, you can definitely go it alone with a mustache, sunglasses and fedora. This look fools adults every time.


And now a message from Super Duper’s PR team: “We know that education is vital to any strong community and we understand that teacher pay and school funding are huge issues in the Bay Area and across the country right now. This free meal is our way of saying thank you and celebrating the hard work that teachers do. Hopefully we can bring some joy and help make their lives just a little bit easier, if only for a day.”

16 locations in the Bay Area (7 in San Francisco). Visit for hours.

Super Duper Castro
2304 Market Street (at 16th Street), San Francisco | 415.558.8123
Super Duper Downtown San Francisco
721 Market Street (between 3rd/4th streets), San Francisco | 415.538.3437
Super Duper Metreon
783 Mission (between 4th/Yerba Buena), San Francisco | 415.882.1750
Super Duper Financial District
98 Mission (between Spear/Steuart), San Francisco | 415.974.1200
Super Duper Marina
2200 Chestnut (at Pierce), San Francisco | 415.931.6258
Super Duper Mill Valley
430 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley | 415.380.8555

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