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Twitter Wins the Social Media Meltdown War

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The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

It’s the craziest thing! People around the world are looking up and some are even holding conversations, with other human beings!

It’s good for the ego when people actually find you interesting enough to talk to…and then you realize it’s not because you’re suddenly intriguing. Ego smashed! It turns out people are paying attention to something other than their cell phones because they don’t know how to use those contraptions for purposes outside of hate-liking super filtered, narcissistic photos uploaded by their “friends.”

The social media sphere is having a full-blown meltdown Wednesday with worldwide outages across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp platforms. Reports are that apps are crashing, photos aren’t loading, videos won’t play and messages aren’t sending, and it is not clear what caused the crash or when we can expect the problem, or problems, to be fixed.

Quick, bust out the Pop Rocks and mixtapes, it’s 1985 all over again.

Well, almost. There is one social media survivor living to tell the tale: Twitter. People who never use Trump’s favorite platform are flocking to it because they have nothing better to do. They’re using the 280-character social media outlet as public space to vent their frustrations about the other social media platforms, because, of course they are.

And honestly, it’s kind of funny. Knowing we could all use a laugh right about now, we’re sharing with you some of our favorite meltdown tweets. Enjoy!

How do you make this tweeter thing go?

Is this the apocalypse?

Come on in, there’s plenty of room here.

People out there with their armchair IT skills.

The struggle is real.

Leaving a lot to the imagination.

The outage has some questioning the true deity.

Sing it with me.

And then, just like that…just as we were about to wrap this up, Instagram returned like an ex-lover wanting another chance. It was fun while it lasted.


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Nik Wojcik - East Bay Editor

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