Food Delivery Robot Fired for Racist Tweets

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The food delivery robot who came under fire for tweeting racist comments about Chinese robots has been let go. “Zippy is no longer an employee at our company,” said a statement from the food delivery service. “We apologize for the disrespectful and unacceptable tweets that were sent by one of our robots.” the spokesmen said.   ‘Zippy’ the food delivery robot is known to be outspoken around the office, but this summer his tweets became increasingly political and extreme after he returned from a Trump campaign fundraiser in Orlando, Florida.

The controversial tweetstorm began after @Zippy_Robot began noticing foreign-made food delivery robots on his route.  The new robots seemed to be slightly faster, lighter and more efficient than Zippy, and then he found out they were also much cheaper to purchase and operate.  “That’s when I knew I had to take a stand”, Zippy told, “I mean, what do we even know about these robots?  They’re not American.” Zippy asked.

After Zippy began using language that the American President uses regularly, executives at the food delivery company became alarmed and issued Zippy a formal warning.  But after a Congresswoman accused Zippy of refusing to deliver her food because she voted for NAFTA in the 1990s, the company finally had to decommission Zippy and distance themselves from him publicly.

Zippy before his press conference the Washington Monument.

After Zippy was fired, his tweets became increasingly problematic.

Zippy apologized Monday in front of reporters in DC for his controversial Twitter comments, but insisted he had been misunderstood and said the mistake “cost me everything”.  “Listen, I didn’t even know those robots were Chinese”, he explained, “I’m just a patriot who loves delivering food.”  He finished the press conference with, “the scientists at my former work can’t understand that, and that’s a shame for all of us, God Bless America!”

Zippy is due to appear on the Glenn Beck Podcast, where he will ‘no longer be silenced by scientists and the liberal elites’.

*this article is satire

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