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Shameless SF Promoter uses Cultural Appropriation for ‘Thanksgiving Party’

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A club in North Beach called ‘Carbon‘, is using a bikini-clad blonde lady in a native headdress to promote their pre-thanksgiving party.  Their Eventbrite and facebook event pages say things like: “This time around the theme is Thanksgiving Pre Party!!!   Free tequila Patron and Aguardiente shots before 11:00pm!”

Obviously, there was backlash online, San Franciscans took to the comments to let the promoters know that this kind of cultural appropriation is not cool.  Especially when you’re sexualizing native culture, while simultaneously trying to profit from it by selling tickets and alcohol.

Here are comments left on the FB event page, we screenshotted them because the promoter is actively deleting protest comments:

For some people, a half-naked blond lady in a Native American headdress is ‘cool’, but those people are most likely just ignorant.  These native headdresses were made and worn by native tribes of the plains, and still are today.   They were almost exclusively worn by men who earned them.  The western equivalent would be like wearing military medals won in combat or a medical degree earned over years and years of study and work, that you didn’t earn.   Here’s an open letter to Non-Natives in Headdresses if you want to learn more.

These headdresses mean something, they are important, they are earned.  Native American headdresses are not a party accessory, they’re not a costume, you’re not cute for wearing one if you did not earn it, you’re just ignorant.  Would you put on someone else war medals on your bikini to party in?  The same goes for using them to promote parties or take selfies in, or moop all over the playa with.

As of now the party is still active on Eventbrite (people are actively inquiring as to whether this tacky flyer violates Eventbrite terms and conditions).  And the promoters are probably hoping this outrage helps publicize them and they’re small-minded bullshit.  Feel free to leave MGD productions a comment and let them know they are fucking lame.

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1 Comment

  1. Amy Abascal
    April 20, 2020 at 7:22 am

    Just a note that I complained to the venue. They told the promoters to change their marketing or they’d cancel the event. The marketing did get changed. The venue team sounded completely embarrassed.