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Believe New York Wants to Systematically Change NYC

Updated: Feb 12, 2021 10:59
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Nicole Bulanchuk, Founder and Executive Director of Operations at Believe New York, is your average Brooklynite. She’s a native New Yorker, a Columbia Grad student, and she wants to help this city. Having volunteered and been employed by a number of nonprofits in NYC, she saw that there were still gaps that needed to be filled. She met with Tyler Parrish, an art director, who then shaped the brand and direction of the organization.

Bulanchuk started using her experience and training to go out and help people. “When this all started it was just a handful of people and me going out on the streets, finding someone that will accept our help, and helping them right then and there. Unfortunately since the COVID outbreak we’ve had to scale back due to safety for volunteers and overcrowding in shelters.”

Believe New York started with one goal: to connect New Yorkers with the resources they need to live a life with dignity.

Believe New York has a plan to reach that lofty goal by utilizing already available city, state, and federal resources. Remember the commercials with the guy in the question-mark suit? This is what he was yelling about. The problem is, due to the bureaucratic nightmare labyrinth that is our government, you almost need a graduate degree to navigate these resources. Believe New York has a couple dozen active volunteers that either have graduate degrees or are pursuant to do the legwork for individuals whom are otherwise unable. This is by no means a longterm solution to poverty, but this could help thousands now.

Believe New York is also researching alternative methods to help eradicate homelessness. Recently the organization has shifted focus towards at risk prevention. Offering services to those either near or at the poverty line, and intervening before they’re out on the street. Because if your basement is flooding the first step is to plug the leak.

Current Believe New York Services Overview

At Risk Prevention – helping people who are on a track toward homelessness before it’s too late.

Homelessness Intervention – Finding temporary and long term solutions for the chronically homeless (due to COVID-19 these services are limited).

Victims of Domestic Abuse Relocation – Finding temporary and long term solutions for those unsafe in their own home.

Drug Addiction Intervention – Finding resources to get people into reputable addiction rehab/counseling.

Upcoming Believe New York Services

OpenSpace Sessions (Starts September 14th) – A safe place to talk about whatever with one of our trained counselors via Zoom, completely free to use.

Donation Delivery – BNY Members will pick up non-perishable foods and essential items and deliver them to shelters across the city, no service charge but monetary donations suggested.

Longterm Solutions

Believe New York Need Help Hotline – Instantly connect with counselors

Safety Net Program for At Risk Individuals

Advocating Housing Reform/Writing New Legislation/Petitioning

Free Adult Education Classes

Free Trauma Informed Counseling for Domestic Abuse Victims/Safe House Locations

Large-Scale Environmental Projects Across the City

Advocating Needle Exchange Programs to Fight Opioid Epidemic/Advocate for New Laws on Drug Addiction Services

Want to Get Involved?

Believe New York is always looking for new volunteers. There are three distinctive volunteer teams.

Outreach Team – Our outreach team is on the frontline, finding clients and connecting them with our counselors.

Canvassing Crew – Responsible for raising brand awareness, finding new volunteers, and securing donations.

Client Service Specialists – These are our client managers and counselors. They find resources for clients, follow up services, and Zoom counseling sessions. A Bachelor’s in Psychology or Social Services is STRONGLY preferred for counselor positions.

Where to Donate

One time donations right here.

Monthly Sponsors right here.

Social Media


Instagram @believeny

This article was written by Sonny Curtin, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Development for Believe New York

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Sonny Curtin

Sonny Curtin

Sonny Curtin (they/them) is an absurdist, and not particularly tall. They are also a Co-Founder and Director of Development for Believe New York Philanthropies, a nonprofit in New York City. Their preferred prefix is Count, but they hope to one day be a Viceroy.

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