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5 Reasons Why We Should Boycott “The Flash”

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Ezra Miller speaking at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con International, for “Justice League”, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Discovery/Warner has been advertising their new Flash standalone film starring Ezra Miller a lot lately. And it makes sense, as they’ve spent $220,000,000. What many people don’t know is that doesn’t include advertising costs. I do find it funny that the ads seem to focus a lot more on Micheal Keaton’s Batman return(s) than Miller’s Flash.

And that’s exactly what I want to talk about, why we should all boycott this new Flash film. But first I would like to preface a few things. 

  1. As a mixed race, mentally ill, gender fluid person that went to film school I feel like I’m in a unique position to have an opinion on this subject.
  2. I was born in 1990. Some of my earliest memories are rewatching Batman (1989) and Batman Returns on VHS. I had multiple Micheal Keaton Batmen action figures of varying batsuits, even one where you could take the cowl off to reveal a turtle-necked Keaton. So I understand the impulse of saying “Well I just want to see Micheal Keaton’s Batman return(s)”. But there’s a lot more at play than our constantly indulged nostalgia.

The reason for the boycott mostly surrounds the actions of the titular star Ezra Miller. They have been up to some fairly questionable activities over the years. Now many people have come to defend Miller’s actions under the support of mental health awareness. My first response to that is where’s that same love for Amanda Bynes? Secondly, this goes way beyond just unusual behavior. Ezra Miller put real people into dangerous situations, including minors. 

Ezra Miller Choked a Woman

In April 2020, Ezra Miller was filmed choking an over zealous fan in Reykjavik. Miller was said to have been escorted out of the establishment by management and security for the event.

Ezra Miller Assaulted a Couple in Hawaii

Apparently Miller, angered by an incident leading to the actor’s arrest at a bar, later found the couple’s hotel room, broke in, and threatened the couple. Stating that they would, “Burn you and your slut wife”, they then saw fit to steal a passport and wallet. The article linked goes on to mention 10 other police phone calls made by people in Hawaii because of Miller.

Ezra Miller Started Grooming Activist at 12 Years Old

Miller began messaging native activist Tokata Iron Eyes when they were only 12 years old. Miller met Tokata and their parents at the 2016 Dakota Pipeline Access protests. When Tokata was 14, Miller flew them to London for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiere. Tokata’s parent’s shortly filed a retraining order against Miller, alleging the actor tried to sleep in the same bed as their 14 year old child. 

Years later in 2021, Tokata’s parents visit Tokata at Miller’s estate in Vermont after Miller and their guests report that Tokata was incapacitated after taking LSD. Tokata and their parents have conflicting reports of the situation, of which Tokata claimed no wrong doing on the part of Miller. Tokata’s parents alleged that Miller has influenced Tokata through “violence, intimidation, fear, paranoia, and drugs”.

Ezra Miller Threatens Mother and 12 Year Old Child with Gun

During a game of Parcheesi, Ezra Miller became violent after a woman said, “her tribe”. Miller stated that usage of the word was cultural appropriation, even though many cultures have used tribes as a way of banding together. Reportedly Miller opened their jacket to show their gun and said, “Talking like that could get you into a really bad situation.” Miller later said of the child that “they would be really lucky to have someone like me guide them”.

Ezra Miller Keeps Mother of Three on ‘Unsafe’ Farm

Turns out during Miller’s trip to Hawaii, they convinced a mother to leave with them and to bring her three young children. The actor brought them to their Vermont farm. Rolling Stone stated they saw footage of unattended guns open in areas where the children are present. One story alleges that the youngest, 1 year old, was seen putting bullets in her mouth. This is at the same location and not long after the time that Tokata O.D.’ed on LSD. 


When the stories first starting coming out about Ezra Miller, I was worried. I was worried that right-wing talking heads would use them as the poster child for demonizing genderqueer persons like myself. But then they really didn’t say much. No one did. I find that odd and disturbing. I mean Kayne just said some crazy nonsense and got dropped by all endorsements.

Some people will argue that, “Oh but what about everyone else that worked on the film?” First of all, the actor’s have made enough already. Second, below the line workers pay stops after wrap. Editor’s are paid by the project. And it’s not like that director isn’t going to find work again. And as the writer’s strike made clear, writer’s are getting screwed over anyway.

Now I’m not saying don’t ever see the movie. Maybe just don’t see it the first few weeks it’s out. We as a discerning public vote with our dollars. For a production like this, it is really important to their stock prices that this film is a huge success. So it’s the only way to say, this is not ok.

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Sonny Curtin

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