Which Politicians Profit the Most from Children Being Killed?

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Photos of Mitt Romney by Mark Taylor, Dianne Feinstein by Senate Democrats, Marco Rubio by Gage Skidmore.

We did it, America. We finally did it. Guns are the leading cause of death for children! It used to be our own terrible driving, but now our future leaders will have as much street cred as 50 Cent! Great Job America!

Hell teens don’t even have to go to school to get shot anymore. Maybe they’re just tired of all the noise and make a complaint. Or maybe they’re trying to have a sleep over.

Granted we also have a long history of bringing our style of destruction to other countries. Seems like even our school shootings are becoming popular across the globe. Even our unmanned war machines excel at killing innocent bystanders. War profiteering is a booming business.

Oh wait this isn’t good news at all. Just kind of odd that, as this is a problem that gets worse every year, politicians are passing bills to make it easier to carry guns. Also a tad strange that after reports of active shooters, gun sales go up.

One might say, “What, why?” Simple answer is people in power profit profusely from supporting pro-gun propaganda. 

Here’s a list of US politicians that have received more than $1,000,000 in campaign contributions from just the NRA via the Brady Project, or own $100,000 or more in stocks in war-profiteers, or in private gun manufacturers. This is by no means a comprehensive list.

Mitt Romney (R) – Utah

NRA Donations: $13,647,676

Stock Holdings: Honeywell, United Tech, Northop Gruman, Raytheon

Richard Burr (R) – North Carolina

NRA Donations: $6,987,380

Thom Tillis (R) – North Carolina

NRA Donations: $4,429,333

Roy Blunt (R) – Missouri

NRA Donations: $4,555,722 

Stock Holdings: Lockheed Martin

Josh Hawley (R) – Missouri

NRA Donations: $1,391,548

Marco Rubio (R) – Florida

NRA Donations: $3,303,355

Rick Scott (R) – Florida

Stock Holdings: Raytheon, Lockheed Martin

Joni Ernst (R) – Iowa

NRA Donations: $3,129,723

Rob Portman (R) – Ohio

NRA Donations: $3,063,327

Todd C Young (R) – Indiana 

NRA Donations: $2,897,582

Mike Braun (R) – Indiana

NRA Donations: $1,249,967

Bill Cassidy (R) – Louisiana

NRA Donations: $2,870,574

Stock Holdings: United Tech

Tom Cotton (R) – Arkansas

NRA Donations: $1,971,214

John Boozman (R) – Arkansas

Stock Holdings: General Dynamics, Honeywell

Pat Toomey (R) – Pennsylvania 

NRA Donations: $1,475,448

Marsha Blackburn (R) – Tennesse 

NRA Donations: $1,306,130

Mitch McConnell (R) – Kentucky

NRA Donations: $1,283,515

Ron Johnson (R) – Wisconsin 

NRA Donations: $1,269,486

David Perdue (R) – Georgia

Stock Holdings: Honeywell, Boeing

Susan Collins (R) – Maine

Stockholdings: Honeywell, United Tech, Boeing

Tom Carper (D) – Delaware

Stock Holdings: Honeywell, Raytheon, Boeing

John Hoeven (R) – North Dakota

Stock Holdings: Honeywell

Sheldon Whitehouse (D) –  Rhode Island

Stock Holdings: Honeywell, United Tech, Boeing, Raytheon

Diane Feinstein (D) –  California

Stock Holdings: Boeing

These are just the politicians that profit the most from on-purpose deaths. There are also newer players to the game that are just cutting their teeth. As mentioned in the Business Insider article linked above, politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene purchased stock in defense contractors after the invasion of Ukraine, tweeting that “War is big business to our leaders.”

So, pretty much until we get money out of politics, we’ll be trapped in this endless cycle of people dying, other people getting mad, government gridlock, and then the rest of us having to live in this near Mad Max hellscape we’re creating across the globe.

Or maybe we should just pay closer attention to when they start offloading bank stocks…

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