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A Cartoon About What Fascism Could Look Like in America

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Last year a bunch of us got together to come up with a big fun event to do to celebrate the anniversary of The Battle of Cable Street. In short, the Battle of Cable Street happened in London in 1936 where 20,000 Jews, Irish, dockworkers, communists, anarchists, socialists and others fought fascists and the police in the streets and by doing so, helped stop the growing tide of fascism in the UK. It’s actually a cool story and you should read more about it right here.

Anyways, we were gonna do a street theater performance in a very public space called The Antifascist Fashion Show where we dressed up as antifascists through the ages and handed out pamphlets similar and in reference to these Jesus ones that were all about what fascism could look like in the US.

We never ended up getting to do the event for a number of reasons, but Alex Sodari, the artist behind the pamphlets just sent over what the final pamphlet would’ve been and it’s awesome.

It posits that, if the Trump administration is willing to put immigrants in concentration camps and separate them from their children (at the moment parents can’t be found for 545 children who suffered this separation), the question becomes  “Who ends up in the camps next?” It’s a riff on the heartbreaking poem about the Holocaust that begins, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a socialist.”

This is the future so many of us are worried about if Trump gets reelected. Alex Sodari presents it below:

See more of Alex’s work and follow him on instagram right here.

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