Kat Robichaud’s Holiday Album Is Here To Redeem This Crappy COVID-19 Christmas

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Misfit Cabaret singer Kat Robichaud is the musical guest for tonight’s Broke-Ass Stuart’s 40th Birthday Roast but she’s not going to tell us in advance what song she’s playing. (“It’s a cover song,” she says. “If I say who it is, then people will know automatically what it would be. Can’t say.”) But she did talk to us about her runaway smash hit Christmas album A Darling Misfit Christmas, a dash of yuletide glam in this otherwise shit sandwich of a 2020 holiday season, whose trailer can be seen below. 

“It checks all of the checkmarks, covers all the bases,” Kat Robichaud tells “No religious stuff, no Baby Jesus or anything.”

But furries in particular will love this video for “Cheer Up, It’s Christmas!,” one of many festive musical chestnuts on this album. “One is about the Gremlins, another one that seems to be a fan favorite is about the Star Wars Holiday Special,” she says. “It’s just a really warm, inviting Christmas album that I think a lot of people will enjoy.”

Like everything in 2020, the production of this album was confronted with a nonstop parade of disasters. “The Kickstarter ended the day we went into lockdown, which is terrible timing,” according to Robichaud. 

“I was always going to do a Christmas album this year, and it’s kind of a miracle that it still happened,” she says. “We were slated to record it in March, but we went into lockdown. We had to wait until May when they became a little bit more lenient with letting people go out and do things. And still we just recorded it one person at a time in the studio, and everybody wore masks.”

“I wanted to release the album on vinyl, and vinyl takes a really long time,” she continues. “There was also a giant fire at a vinyl factory, and there’s only two in the U.S., so we were really worried that we just wouldn’t be able to get it done in time.”

But the finished product is ready to unwrap. “If you get the CD or the vinyl, it comes with a digital download that has clean versions of the last three songs,” Kat tells us. “So if you don’t want your kids to hear any cussing, there are clean versions so they can enjoy the Gremlins song and the Star Wars Holiday Special as well.”

Every order comes with a free handmade ornament from Kat Robichaud herself. A Darling Misfit Christmas is available on vinyl or as a CD in the Kat Robichaud store, and you can use the discount code SFPARTY to get 15% off.

Kat will also do her part to un-ruin Christmas with a very special Christmas Eve stream of A Very Merry Misfit Cabaret ReLive, an online replay of last year’s holiday performance at the Alcazar Theater. Online tickets are just $5, and buyers will have two weeks to bask in its holiday glow.

A Darling Misfit Christmas is available on vinyl or as a CD for $20 at,and her Patreon is here.  


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