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Mission Cheese to Close After 10 Years of Serving SF

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Sadly, another delicious San Francisco eatery has announced it will close forever, at the end of December.  If you would to taste their delectable American made cheeses again, you should order from them sometime in the next two weeks.   Mission Cheese is not alone, over 110,000 restaurants have closed this year in America, and that number is only accelerating as the pandemic continues.

It’s not too late to get a wonderful cheese gift box or bottle of wine for Christmas from Mission Cheese.   Bellow are their parting words via social media.

Mission cheese announced their close a on their socials, Dec 13, 2020

Mission Cheese wrote:MC fam…we have some news. This little cheese place is going to sleep at the end of the month. After nearly 10 years of slinging amazing American cheeses, this decision has so many layers, and is not one that was made lightly. Operating as we have had to since March, with little relief, is a major component…but by far not the only one. Much has to be done to change the way we as a community interact with and manage small independent businesses if we want them to exist.

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If you’re reading this…you likely do and you’re the reason we made it this far. Thank you thank you thank you.

We are so proud of the work we’ve done and we are forever grateful to you for joining us on this journey. The twinkle in your eyes when we delivered the cheese flights was our fuel. The excitement we witnessed when you tasted that pairing was magic. We urge you to take those moments with you to the grocery (or preferably your local cheese shop) and support small producers when you can.

Much more to say, but for now we’re going to sling all the cheese and wine that’s humanly possible for the next two weeks! We love you ❤️ Let’s bring it home! ???”

Actual post:

Mission cheese posted a thank you post on their socials, Dec 16, 2020

Mission Cheese wrote:  “You guys! Thank you for all the love ❤️ We want to respond to each and every one of you, but our little monger hands are working as fast as they can on all the things.
Please enjoy this ridiculous cheese pic of Two Lips from Lazy Lady Farms as a sign of our gratitude (and deep commitment to continue tantalizing you with ? from amazing producers across this country ?) ❤️❤️❤️ #cheeseshop #shopsmall #realamericancheese

Actual post:

Hopefully, once this pandemic is over, Mission Cheese will rise again, along with many other delicious SF eateries.  In the meantime here are some suggestions as to how to help your favorite local eateries.

Mission Cheese always had a lot of style. They will be missed

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