Adult Site Bans MyPillow From Pillow Fight Scenes After Trump Controversy

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Image: Family Strokes P0rn (NSFW!)

This is the final Broke-Ass Stuart post before the Donald Trump administration ends later this morning, and we never thought things would end as bizarrely as this. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s election fraud conspiracies and attempts to talk Trump into declaring martial law has led to a mass corporate MyPillow boycott led by Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and other national retailers. 

Now the porn site IsMyGirl (Very NSFW Link!!!) has announced they are no longer allowing MyPillows in pillow fight scenes in their X-rated online videos. The site also said in a press release that they would reimburse their models for any money spent on MyPillows for the production of said scenes. 

Sounds more like a “blanket ban,” ammirite?

In a Tuesday night press release, IsMyGirl said the site “is no longer allowing models to use MyPillow products in their XXX videos, including dry humping them and using them in sexy pillow fights.” 

Screenshot: IsMyGirl

IsMyGirl is an OnlyFans-style adult website based in Los Angeles, on which buyers can buy subscriptions to the feeds of individual models. Oddly, their CEO is ex-Biohazard lead singer Evan Seinfeld

The company has done publicity stunts before, and this may be another of them. But you can also imagine that MAGA chuds may have been submitting MyPillow custom video requests that were specifically intended to humiliate and degrade models with Trumper-specific commands, and models may have spoken up that they were getting uncomfortable with it. 

The most hilarious aspect of this is that there may now be a large population of Trumper incels  who are suddenly denied their MyPillow kink, and desperately forced to search the deepest corners of the dark web to watch women (or dudes!) perform filthy erotic acts involving MyPillows.

And that, my fellow Americans, is how the Donald Trump administration ended.


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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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