DNA Lounge Reopening June 19 With Hubba Hubba And Bootie

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Bars all over the Bay Area are slowly reopening for in-person drinking and live events, but reopening nights for certain iconic bars like El Rio, Spec’s, and Bender’s were super special occasions that readers of this blog enjoyed showing up for and celebrating in person.

Add to that list the just-announced DNA Lounge reopening on June 19, featuring full live shows from both Hubba Hubba Revue and Bootie Mashup on the same night.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, DNA Lounge will be open for your indoors, in-person festivities on Saturday, June 19th!,” the DNA Lounge blog declared in a Saturday, May 15 afternoon statement. “Obviously the Feds or the State might pull the rug out from under us on this, but our understanding as of today is that in mid June, all restrictions will be lifted in California, and we get to party like it’s 2019. Or, ‘The Full Florida,’ as I’ve been calling it.”

The official blog adds that the Saturday, May 15 lineup “begins with Hubba Hubba Revue at 7pm, the full, seated Big Show; then at 10pm, we bring you the triumphant return of Bootie Mashup! And in Above DNA, Xile Collective presents Lower Underground!”

DNA Lounge’s June 19 return has Hubba Hubba Revue ‘Juneeenth’ tickets starting at $25, Bootie ‘Re-Bootied’ tickets starting at $15, and upstairs show tickets starting at $15. It appears that all three shows are selling tickets separately. But this is the long-awaited return of the DNA Lounge that still needs our help, and each show has super affordable ticket tiers.

Other DNA Lounge live June shows will include LGBooTie Pride (June 26) and Death Guild (June 21 and June 28). Watch the DNA Lounge calendar for events scheduled for July 2021 and beyond. 

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