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Millionaires Protest Outside Jeff Bezos’ Houses, Demanding He Pay More Taxes

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In perhaps the first in person protest led by actual millionaires, a group called Patriotic Millionaires rallied outside Jeff Bezo’s $80 million Manhattan apartment building on Tax Day, with a big mobile billboard and a megaphone, demanding Bezos pay his ‘fair share of taxes’.

Monday, Manhattan NY. photo by @mkink

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The group called Patriotic Millionaires claims to be made up of real millionaires, including Abigail and Tim Disney, who are benefactors of The Walt Disney Company, and its chair Morris Pearl was a previous managing director of BlackRock, an investment firm.

“As a millionaire, tax me more,” is one of the mottos of the protest group, the Patriotic Millionaires websites say they requires that all members have an annual income of at least $1 million, or a net worth of over $5 million.

Bezos tax protest attendee Danielle Brookner (seen on the megaphone) is a Democrat candidate for the New York state Senate, she highlighted how much money Bezos had made during the coronavirus pandemic, and how people in the city were stranded without adequate relief.

“He doesn’t pay taxes. He needs to stop trying to buy us and take our tax money and pay us the tax money to people who are marginalized and suffering during the pandemic and before the pandemic.”

Protest’s mobile billboard in Manhattan Monday.

The millionaire protest group paid to have billboards driven around NYC and Washington DC on Monday (presumably because they could afford it), with slogans like:  “Cut the Bullsh*t.  Tax the Rich”, and “tax me if you can” next to an image of Bezos. billboard was allegedly driven by Bezo’s DC mansion


No word on whether they also pay poor people to do their protesting for them, but from the looks of the rallies on Monday, the millionaires showed up to get their hands dirty. On a blog post Monday the group  wrote “…greed and tax loopholes have created an enormous wealth gap in our country. While Bezos and Amazon have made billions of dollars during the pandemic, many of his workers have lost their homes and basic quality of life,” they wrote, while also listing all the stops they planned to make at places like Trump Tower and Wall Street.

“Amazon relies on our country’s physical infrastructure and education system, yet has expressed no willingness to pay its fair share to keep our country and our economy running smoothly.”

Are you a millionaire in search of financial justice?  You can visit the Patriotic Americans site to join.  If you are poor, but want to support their movement their is a book and a roadshow to consider.

They also have a Q&A with members discussing the US Tax Code:

Along with being ‘on the ground’ protesters, these guys are also quite entrepreneurial!

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  1. Cadence
    May 21, 2021 at 11:38 am — Reply

    Wow, finally some sensible rich people are speaking out!!

    Taxing the rich even just 30% and getting rid of corruptions, will fix and uplift this nation for the better.

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