11 Jun 2024

Donald Trump Visited Pacific Heights To Beg Big Tech For Money

Do you ever feel like we’re living in Hell? Do you ever get that certain sensation that accompanies the consumption of news that makes you feel like you’re perpetually burning alive? Maybe it’s just me, but this is one of those stories. Donald Trump, the orange man with the spray

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04 Jun 2024

Why Juggalos Are San Francisco’s Last Hope

San Francisco foolishly entrusted their future with Skrillex, and he FAILED. I’m kidding, the Skrillex show went fine. I’ve been trolling his fans all week. I don’t think Skrillex will save the city. But fret not, San Francisco. The ‘doom loop’ won’t last forever, and I know exactly how to

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30 May 2024

Guess Which SF Institution is NOT Shutting Down!

Too many of our favorite Bay Area institutions have closed down in recent years. The good news is that plans on always being here for you. But we need your help to do so. Most people don’t realize that it costs over $10,000 a month to run Broke-Ass Stuart.

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23 May 2024

San Francisco Symphony In Major Trouble

With it’s new conductor resigning, and the mass cancellation of programming, the musicians are standing up to fight and save our symphony.

16 Apr 2024

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Blocked Golden Gate Bridge, I-880 In Oakland

The internet, for all its inhumanity, has some good aspects to it. It’s harder to completely dehumanize any group of people because you can literally see what they’re up to. Wanna check out what’s happening in Afghanistan? Go on Snapchat, go to the heat map, scroll over to Afghanistan or

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27 Mar 2024

What to do When Netflix & Chill Becomes…Just Netflix

DEAR SHAMELESS BY SHAMELESS HEATHER ATLES Hi, I’m Shameless Heather Atles, an expert relationships, sex, and intimacy coach. With years of experience guiding individuals through the complexities of love, connection, and self-worth, my approach combines humor, practical wisdom, deep insights, and actionable steps to empower those navigating the twists and

20 Mar 2024

Will California Follow Oregon’s ‘Strategic’ Approach to Psychedelics?

Jim Carroccio was desperate. After decades of cognitive therapy, his struggles with PTSD and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder were as acute and debilitating as ever. So it was time to take a trip.

Literally and figuratively.

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06 Mar 2024

California Won’t Have a Woman in the Senate for the 1st Time in more than 30 Years

By Amanda Becker Originally published by The 19th Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff has won first place in California’s nonpartisan primary for the U.S. Senate, followed by Republican Steve Garvey, setting up a general election matchup in the liberal state that strongly favors Schiff. Returns showed Democratic Reps. Katie Porter and

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