15 Oct 2020

There’s a Presidential Debate Watch Party at the Drive-in!

To be totally honest, watching the last presidential debate was excruciating. I didn’t know I could hate Donald Trump any more than I already did, but he sure managed to make me do it. If you can stomach watching a toddler, masquerading as the President of the United States, yell

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11 Oct 2020

Cast of Dazed and Confused Reunite to Help Progressive Voter Initiatives in Texas

I was obsessed with Dazed and Confused as a teenager. It’s up there with The Goonies as one of the movies I’ve seen most in my life. Like if we put the movie on, I can probably recite every line. So you can see why I’m SO excited about this! Just

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09 Oct 2020

How to Make Sure Your Vote is Secure and Properly Counted

As you’ve probably read, the GOP is doing all kinds of nefarious things to suppress votes like slow down the post office (which messes with mail-in voting during a pandemic) and disqualifying valid voters.

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08 Oct 2020

Kamala Side Eye & Pence’s Head Fly

The VP debate was a far more traditional and cogent affair than the Presidential Debate.  The Candidates actually addressed policy and mostly refrained from personal insults or shouting over one another. The pandemic was the first topic of the VP Debate Wednesday night and throughout the debate, whether the question

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08 Oct 2020

Leaked FEMA Memo Shows Fear in Whitehouse, 34 Trump Staffers Test Positive For COVID

The memo was leaked as multiple reports said White House staffers are afraid to come back to work now that President Donald Trump has returned home while still sick with the virus.

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06 Oct 2020

Texas Officer Arrested After Killing Unarmed “Pillar of the Community”

The Texas Rangers arrested a Wolfe City police officer two days after he fatally shot Jonathan Price, a 31-year-old unarmed Black man, while he was walking away “in a non-threatening posture.” The story sounds familiar because it unfortunately is.  From the disturbance call to the officer’s trigger reaction, to the

05 Oct 2020

13 GOP Scandals You Might Have Missed During Trump’s Walter Reed Debacle

This list is going around FB so I figured I’d share it with links so people can verify exactly how evil and corrupt the GOP is. Here is the news we would’ve heard this weekend had Walter Reed not dominated the headlines: – Coronavirus is surging anew in several states

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02 Oct 2020

The “Will You Just Shut Up Man?” Joe Biden Shirt

We’ve just put out these fantastic shirts to help raise money for the Biden/Harris campaign. The quote is an obvious reference to the excruciating debate the other night when Joe Biden finally looked over at Trump and said what the world was thinking, “Will you just shut up man?” I’ll be

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