08 Oct 2021

COVID Relief Program Expanded for Immigrant Families Who Can’t Get Other Funds

San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton joined several community organizations Wednesday to distribute funding to immigrant families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic who can’t qualify for public assistance programs because of their citizenship status. Funding through the city’s Family Relief Fund was created by Walton back in March 2020, at the

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27 Jan 2023

If You’ve Worked in SF, Your Boss Might Owe You Money

Have you worked in San Francisco any time after 2008? If so, you might have an unknown amount of money owed to you and it’ll disappear if you don’t claim it within the next few years. The SF Medical Reimbursement Account (SF MRA) is an account specially containing funds that

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24 Jan 2023

San Francisco’s ChatGPT Is Going To Take Your Job!

There’s a saying that perfectly describes the Cyberpunk subgenre of Science Fiction, it’s ‘high tech, low life.’  Most Cyberpunk stories depict sprawling urban centers where a rich elite controls everything, most people are poor, yet they have a multitude of gadgets or enhancements to distract from the dystopia they’re living

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24 Jan 2023

California Has Suffered Three Mass Shootings In Three Days, Two In Bay Area

It doesn’t feel like a single day can go by in this country without a tragic incident involving gun violence.  Initially, when I heard about the mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, a small city in Southern California, not far from Los Angeles, I wasn’t going to write an article

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17 Jan 2023

How Adidas Got Trolled By A Fashion Show Prank

Whether we like it or not, sweatshop labor is used by most of the clothing companies that are popular in the Western World. However, it is a rarity for the fashion industry to directly acknowledge this ugly truth in any promotional capacity.  So it was probably a shock when Adidas

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12 Jan 2023

The Atmospheric River has a Twitter, & He’s Kind of a Dick

Meteorologists and local news channels have been pretty creative in labeling the recent storm systems in California. We’ve seen ‘bomb cyclone’, and even ‘pineapple express’, but it looks like the media has settled on “Atmospheric River” as the dominant label for these storms.  Partly because of a certain parody twitter

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10 Jan 2023

Flood, Mudslide Threats Prompt Evacuations Along California Coast

The latest in a string of Pacific storms blamed for at least 12 deaths soaked California on Monday, prompting evacuations of some 25,000 people, including the entire town of Montecito and nearby areas of the Santa Barbara coast, due to heightened flood and mudslide risks. The Montecito evacuation zone was

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03 Jan 2023

Upcoming Storm Could Produce Wettest Day In San Francisco History

If these recent weather patterns continue, San Francisco is going to go from being the ‘City by the Bay’ to being the city under the Bay.  Saturday’s atmospheric river brought a thunderstorm that ranked as the second wettest day in San Francisco history And, if reports are to be believed,

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