Which SF Pride Sponsors Donated The Most To Anti-Gay Politicians?

Updated: Jun 16, 2022 08:24
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The corporatization of SF Pride is something we’ve come to expect as a sort of a necessary evil, a source of dollars that are quite necessary for the permits, overhead, staffing, emergency management logistics, and the continued existence of the event that does draw so much tourism and joy to our fair city. After all, SF Pride is the “largest gathering of the LGBT community and allies in the nation,” (in a normal year) and San Francisco would certainly like to keep that superlative distinctinction intact. And that takes money.

But we don’t mind out calling out the big corporations who think it’s cute to rainbow up their logo and talk the talk during Pride Month, yet they walk the walk of marching alongside the same anti-LGBTQ politicians who oppose equal rights based on sexual orientation, or have supported anti-trans legislation at the state level. The newsletter Popular Info just released an analysis of  rainbow flag-waving corporations who donated money to anti-gay politicians. And yes, there are a few SF Pride sponsors on that list! 

SF Pride prefers to call them “partners,” not “sponsors.” And the list from Popular Info only counts corporations, whereas SF Pride has several sponsors who are not technically corporations. And one SF Pride “community partner” is owned by a guy who gave more money to anti-gay politicians than any of the corporations.

Note: These dollar amounts are from 2019 – 2021, so the numbers are most likely higher now.

SF Giants Owner – $1.7 Million to Anti-LGBTQ Politicians

Sure, the San Francisco Giants made a big deal of their rainbow Pride ballcaps that they wore for one whole game, but are selling all summer. Yet the Giants’ majority owner is right-wing billionaire Charles P. Johnson, a prolific Republican donor

According to a Deadspin analysis, Johnson gave $1.7 million to anti-LGBTQ causes and politicians in the 2020 election cycle alone.

Comcast / Xfinity – $1.1 Million to Anti-LGBTQ Politicians

SF Pride donor Xfinity is owned by Comcast. According to Popular Info, Comcast “donated more than $1.1 million to anti-LGBTQ politicians since 2019. This includes more than $30,000 to the sponsors of anti-trans legislation introduced this year in Florida and Texas.”

Google / Waymo – $483,500 to Anti-LGBTQ Politicians

Oh I imagine Stonewall activist Marsha P. Johnson would be sooo thrilled she got a Google Doodle and her name used in a “Hey Google” voice assistant promotion. She would perhaps be less thrilled that Google, owner of SF Pride sponsor Waymo, gave half a million bucks in contributions to anti-LGBTQ politicans and causes.

Google said in a statement to Popular Info that “such a contribution doesn’t mean that Google agrees with that candidate on every issue. In fact, we may disagree strongly on some issues,” which, holy fucking Christ that right there is the definition of cowardice.

Facebook –  $152,000 to Anti-LGBTQ Politicians

Yeah I see those stupid “social impact Pride rainbow profile frames” people are posting all month, but I think Facebook giving more than $150,000 to anti-gay politicians has a lot more “social impact” than those goddamned useless things. 

Popular Info’s full list of rainbow flag-waving corporations who donated money to anti-gay politicians can be seen below.

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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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