Racist Lady Tells Black Man To Put ‘Black Chicks In Their Place’

Updated: Aug 05, 2021 09:42
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Image: Nicholas Wilkerson via Youtube

Words of wisdom from a Black man recently dining in Contra Costa County: “Always keep a fully charged phone for Karen!!!! You never know when you gone run into one.” Indeed he did run into one at the Dead Fish crab house and bar in Crockett, and as we see in the footage he filmed below, the Karen regaled him with a rant of unsolicited race and gender advice that “The Black male needs to get up and decide to put these Black chicks in their place.”

The filmed exchange is cringe city, but made less awkward by the charismatic calm with which the man handles her slurring, racist rant. After she tells him “The Black male needs to get up and decide to put these Black chicks in their place,” he hits pause on her and says, “Hold on, let me order this food real quick.”

The server, sensing he is getting grief that he did not ask for, says of his next drink, “I’ll make it strong for you.”

After he’s ordered, Karen then continues: “The Black male needs to wrestle the Black female and tell her—put her in her place. Because if you don’t, she is gonna just… She’s just gonna, I don’t know. She’s just gonna…you know…mess it all up.”

The man, identified by his Youtube as Nicholas Wilkerson, asks, “Why’s she going to mess it up?”

“Well, color of skin, you know,” she digs herself deeper. “People like porcelain skin and blue eyes and yellow hair. You know, all of it. You want to go there?”

Wilkerson, promptly but politely takes her to school. “First of all, our Black women are strong,” he says. “We got strong Black women in this world. Yes indeed. And the Black women in this country, in this world, is not the problem.”

“Yes they are,” she slurs back. “Truly they are.”

He shoots back: “Because when you talk about it, you’re talking about my Black mother. You’re talking about my Black sister. You’re talking about my girlfriend.”

When Karen adds that “Black chicks like that need to be reined innnnn,” the serves bails Wilkerson out by telling him there’s another party that would like him to join them. The restaurant is getting some flack on social media that they “they continued to serve her and let her remain in the restaurant after all this.” But honestly, servers are taking so much shit that it’s hard to force them into yet more confrontation and escalation, and this server did her best to keep Wilkerson comfortable.

Some have argued in Facebook and Youtube that is Karen is suffering from mental illness, or just drunk. Either or both might be true. But she’s also obviously racist, and she is now on blast.

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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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