SF Considering An Indoor Vaccine Mandate, Just Like New York

Updated: Aug 05, 2021 09:41
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The rule of thumb on San Francisco COVID-19 restrictions is usually that when you hear rumors they might be about to require something, they are definitely going to require that thing in the very near future. When we heard bars might require proof of vaccination, five days later bars were requiring proof of vaccination. When we heard California was “recommending” masks indoors again, five days later the Bay Area made masks indoors mandatory again. Do you see a pattern here?


It looks like the next domino to fall will be vaccine mandates for indoor settings, similar to what New York City announced Tuesday. The Chronicle reports that SF health officials are considering making proof of vaccination mandatory to enter restaurants, gyms, and theaters.

SF Health Director Dr. Grant Colfax Colfax told reporters, “We’re exploring that,” according to ABC-7. Supervisor Matt Haney told the station “If you’re going to go indoors at this critical time, when cases are going up and up and up, in small quarters you should be vaccinated.”

If imposed, the requirement would likely be similar to New York City’s just-announced “Key to NYC” Pass which also requires showing proof of the shot to enter restaurants, bars, theaters and gyms. That system will take two more weeks to roll out, and won’t actually make it “mandatory” until the middle of September. So these things don’t happen overnight, and SF will probably need a couple months to roll this out fully. 

And hey, how ‘bout we give people $100 to get the shot too, just like they’re doing in New York!

New York is using an app-based system, not unlike California’s vaccine QR codes. And these digital systems are definitely still working out the kinks. Tech researcher Albert Fox Cahn was able to fool the app with a picture of Mickey Mouse instead of an actual vaccine card. NBC News’ Cyrus Farivar fooled it with a picture of the 4505 Meats menu. San Francisco would not be using the same app, but the Chronicle found the QR code system to be riddled with technical problems as well. 

Expect these problems to get ironed out in the weeks to come. And if you ask us, also expect the indoor vaccine mandate in, well, probably five days.

And if you aren’t yet, here’s where you can get vaccinated for free in San Francisco.

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