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Bay Area Air Quality is Yellow, Sun Red

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The reason the air looks yellow today and the sun (when you can see it) looks red, is because of smoke from northern California Wildfires.   The particulates (ash) from the fires are causing the discoloration in the atmosphere, and if you’re like me, the dry itchy eyes.

The yellow color of our skies and red color of the sun is a matter of the sizes of the particles in the air. It’s also a function of the number of particles per unit volume in air, and to a much lesser extent – during wildfire season – the color of soot itself.

Red sunrise, view from Corona Heights, San Francisco. Photo via reddit user u/Tabbakh.

San Francisco’s marine layer and north/northeast breeze has been keeping the majority of smoke away, and is expected to continue to keep the harsh air away through the weekend.

BUT the air is still moderately bad for the time being.  Good news is, it’s meant to be back to green/good by Saturday.  Thank you Fogust!

For more info on the wildfires visit:

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