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Do Drop In To Low Key Skate Shop Art Show

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Flyer by Johnny Dismal

An art show 3 years in the making with multiple setbacks, including the loss of San Francisco’s beloved The Loin, is finally set to kick off on Geary St. “Do Drop In” with Johnny Dismal and Eric Broers (aka Hiericbro) is finally upon us this Thursday December 2nd at the Low Key Skate shop in the Tenderloin.

Artwork by Eric Broers

If you’ve had a beer, latte or simply pushed some pudgy nugget around Hayes Valley within the last 6 months then you have definitely seen the creature creations of one Eric Broers. Furry animals in slick leather jackets on a beaming red background. A signature style that has evolved from years of illustrating, doodling, painting and perfecting multiple mediums. Originally from Chicago Eric has settled into his own artistically here in San Francisco showing all over the city for well over a decade.

Artwork by Eric Broers

One scroll through Johhny Dismal’s insta and I immediately could tell we grew up in the same era. One where Saturday morning cartoon characters fought with actual weapons, the Golden Girls appealed to almost everyone and nightmares undoubtedly happened on Elm St. Not only does Johnny create pop art using acrylic and ink on paper, he is also a fan and a student from past generations previously stating his favorite artist is Norman Rockwell even if the art isn’t quite the same.

Flyer by Johnny Dismal

The common thread that ties these two together is an obvious heavy influence and love of punk posters, horror movies, villains, skateboarding and hip hop. I’m stoked and here for all of it. So “Do Drop In” to the Low Key Skate Shop Thursday December 2nd 7-10.

Thursday December 2nd 7-10pm
Low Key Skateshop 679 Geary St.

Artist Insta: @hiericbro

Artist Insta: @johnnydismal

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