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Mayor Breed Partied “Maskless” with RBL Posse. Great Video

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Mayor London Breed partied at The Great Northern on Thanksgiving night during a live RBL Posse concert, she was filmed maskless singing and dancing with friends, and the haters are blowing her up again.


The video of Breed singing along to JT the Bigga Figga’s classic “Game Recognize Game” could either make you grin, or make your head explode, depending on how you feel about our current mask mandate.  I think we can all agree that the mask mandate should be worded better.

What you can’t argue, is there are few things more San Franciscan than rapping along to RBL Posse’s “Don’t give me No Bammer Weed” while getting your swerve on at a legendary club space (formerly Mighty) now The Great Northern.

San Francisco’s RBL Posse (for nostalgia purposes)

San Francisco’s mask mandate states, “Everyone, including people who are fully vaccinated, must wear a well-fitted mask in indoor public settings at all times,” and adds, “people may remove their well-fitted mask while actively eating or drinking.”

Back in September Breed was filmed and photographed at another great San Francisco club, not wearing a mask along with most other patrons.  (The Black Cat Nightclub in the Tenderloin is a wonderful joint to drink and see live jazz music by the way.)   That “story” of Breed being openly maskless in a jazz club went viral nationally, as conservative pundits pretended to be offended at her seemingly hypocritical behavior.


In September Breed told the Chronicle, “We don’t need the fun police to come in and try to micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing. We know what we need to do to protect ourselves.” She added, “I’m just going to let the spirit move me.” She said she had been at a table with drinks and got up to dance.

You’ll notice this most recent RBL Posse video of Breed on twitter has +8ook views, The Black Cat video has 2.5 million views.  We think it’s pretty hilarious that every time our Mayor goes out partying with her friends, she gets more media coverage than Beyonce.

What is difficult, is keeping our small businesses alive, while also keeping our citizens infection-free.   San Francisco has an 81% vaccination rate for ages 5 and older.   For our citizens aged over 65, the vaccination rate is above 90%.   San Francisco has a very low COVID mortality rate for a major city.

We’re doing a very good job as a city, relatively, and Mayor Breed doesn’t write the rules, she just bends them like most other San Franciscans are doing every night.

Wearing a mask to the restaurant, and then taking it off after you sit down is not a scientific way of preventing the spread of anything, It is a symbolic gesture that signals to others that you are aware of the mask mandate and the pandemic.  What IS scientific is the fact that being vaccinated greatly reduces the spread of the virus, and everyone has to be fully vaccinated to get into the great majority of our restaurants and bars.

Breed said Tuesday to the Chronicle that she was constantly out in public, supporting nightlife, restaurants, and shopping — “doing what I feel as mayor I should be doing but also as a human being who’s been through a global pandemic, who did everything I could to make sure that the people of this city (were) safe.”

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  1. Owen
    December 2, 2021 at 11:54 pm — Reply

    Does this really surprise anybody?
    How dumb do you haver to be to keep falling for the same old okeydoke.

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