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Broke-Ass Poets: Finn Turner

Updated: May 19, 2022 02:03
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A Woman In Her Room

A woman in her room feels sometimes that
she lives on the back of the world, as if,
while studying a tapestry, she found
she had been gazing at its rough reverse. 

On Rossetti’s ‘Blue Silk Dress’

Jane Burden, famous for
your face and illustrious
husband: far from your own
self in blue silk—under
gazes and curtains, waning—
jeweled finger unnoticed
by no one,
and white roses, like
the fuzzballs of
poplar that go
looking for the cisterns
of deep water. 

Fuente Grande

The cloud of dust
     sways from your arrival;
     everything — your hands, the open
     graves, the waxy leaves of olive
     trees, everything — is shaking.

The water jet
     sings against your walls,
     sings on the edge of a knife,
     sings in its half-drawn blade
     that shivers in the garden.

The August breeze
     sweeps the ass’s braying
     over the pockmarked hills.

 All across Granada,
     telephones are

Finn Turner is a local homosexual and French Ph.D. candidate at UC Berkeley. 

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