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This House in SF is a Massive Immersive Art Experience

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The entry of The Gregangelo Museum – photo by Vita Hewitt

On a tree-lined street of San Francisco, there is a surprisingly delightful wonder-filled house. The Gregangelo Museum is a home which has been transformed into a living museum and piece of art.

Over the last 42 years, artist and owner Gregangelo Herrera and his team of artists have worked together to create a home which brings people together and into a world of art. Every nook and cranny has a story attached to it. Almost like a sacred altar, the whole house is adorned with tiny glittering treasures which were created to honor the space and bless each visitor.

Stuart starts his journey into the museum – photo by Vita Hewitt

Coming to this museum is not just about immersing yourself into someone’s beautiful collective art project. It’s about connecting with yourself and the people around you. There is a delightful ere of mystery within every moment of the tour you’re brought through.

This is a place where you take detours into rooms upon rooms and explore the space via imaginative stories. As you enter each room, you are prompted with verses from stories which are playful and inquisitive. 

Our guide for half of the tour was Creative Director Marcelo Defreitas – photo by Vita Hewitt

The Gregangelo Museum is delightfully strange & fully adorned with art

This place has been called “The weirdest house in San Francisco”. I wouldn’t say it was weird persay – I’d call it more like “One of the most imaginative houses in San Francisco” or “One of the most eccentric pieces of art masquerading as a house”. Its “weirdness” is subjective based on how many San Francisco art studios and artist homes you’ve been around. While I’ve been to many weird places with San Francisco, I have rarely been to a place which has been so wonderfully decorated in the interior by so many artists.

The home allows artists to make their mark on it with their own projects which adorn the interior. It brings people together for art making, sharing, and laughter. What makes it unique is that Herrera decided one day to make his house a canvas that he could adorn with the help of a large collective of visiting artists.

Silly Stuart – photo by Vita Hewitt

Hundreds of artists and thousands of creative hours have been poured into the space. Mosaics fill almost every space as either bold windows, wall decorations or as part of a piece of furniture. Each object in the space has a preciousness to it and a beauty all its own. It’s in the details.

Drawer pulls are tiny fingers, key holes are portals to worlds of pure imagination, and ceilings are painted with stories which bring meaning to the whole space.

“Like the artists who create here say ‘Every day at this place is like celebrating a major holiday! We are consistently evolving the art, stories and our experiences at the house to reflect something special about each day and every person in front of us,” says Herrera

Photo by Vita Hewitt

Who might you see at the museum?

Most groups who walk through an experience are small groups of 6 or less and can be a mix of folks from anywhere. The space is like a page out of Alice and Wonderland. Those who come, often come with a large amount of curiosity. They want to be surprised and delighted by the environment around them.

My favorite part about hosting our experiences ( not events ) is consistently engaging up close and personal with a diverse demographic of guests and inadvertently learning the pulse of a large cross-section of culture. It’s quite adventurous and enlightening and keeps us aware of how to better entertain and engage with guests at larger events for our clients outside of the house,” says Herrera.

What did I like most about the visit to the museum?

While Herrera and his cohort of artists have shaped an environment which brings out that childlike-wonder in each of us, the way we experience the house will be unique to each group who is guided through it and each person who participates.

It’s more than just a weird art house. Sure, the space is delightful and wacky in some ways. It is also very nurturing and encouraging in other ways. Guides ask you inquiries which prompt you to participate with your own answers. This leads you down a path in which you leave with a better understanding of the people within your group. For me, I left feeling a stronger connection to my friends and we shared things we wouldn’t naturally share otherwise. 

Each story brings you joy and takes you down into a delightfully surprising experience – photo by Vita Hewitt

One of the immersive rooms in the museum – photo by Vita Hewitt

How do you find the Gregangelo Museum in San Francisco?

The museum is in the St Francis Wood neighborhood of San Francisco at 225 San Leandro Way. If you do try to find it just know that, when you go past the home or drive by, it’s obvious something is happening in there but you won’t see the most precious details unless you take a tour of the space. Tour information is on their website. 

Find the museum online and In Person Here:

Tour information from their website:
Thursdays through Saturdays
Maximum 6 guests
Length: 90 minutes

Tickets here
Instagram: @gregangelomuseum

NOTE: All photos on this page are by Vita Hewitt

Alex, Stuart, Katy, and Kayla  stand inside the Gregangelo Museum – photo by Vita Hewitt

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