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The 7 Heaviest Burritos in San Francisco

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One of Señor Sisig’s many delicious burritos. Photo from Señor Sisig’s Instagram

There are all sorts of debates over which burrito place has “the best” burrito. Even the political pollsters at 538 went on an epic quest to find the best burrito in America (La Taqueria of San Francisco won!). But, sometimes you just want a burrito, and lots of it. The old saying goes, sometimes quantity has a quality all its own. In that spirit, we looked for the heaviest burrito by weight in San Francisco at some well-known establishments ranked from lightest to heaviest.

Note: All the places where a super burrito is indicated means that on top of the rice, beans and choice of protein, you get guacamole, sour cream and cheese for extra $$$$. This ranking is in no way scientific, and every time you order a burrito it’s more than likely to weigh differently each time since the line cooks don’t weigh out the food. The author of the article did notice that ordering in Spanish meant a heavier burrito, ymmv. This author also seriously considered adding a vegetarian option but to be honest, it wouldn’t even hit a pound like our lightest entry below. However, this author seriously wants to find the heaviest vegetarian / vegan burrito in a future article.

The burritos below are ordered from lightest to heaviest.

A La Taqueria burrito all cozy in its wrapping right before it gets eaten. Photo by Rick Aude via Wikimedia Commons 

7. La Taqueria

La Taqueria, the number one burrito in America – according to the 538 pollsters – starts off the list. Their super beef burrito, as well as all their burritos, come with no rice, and weighed 1.17 lbs / 528g, $14.00.
2889 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94110

6. Señor Sisig

Señor Sisig’s California chicken burrito surprised me. Instead of rice, they put french fries which gives the burrito a deep fried oil flavor. The fries had a nice crunch on them, too, which made for a memorable, novel and thoroughly enjoyable burrito. It’s the kind of burrito that I might crave while having the munchies. 1.2 lbs / 544.31g, $14.50.
990 Valencia St San Francisco, CA, 94110

A Gordo’s burrito from via Gordo Taqueria website

5. Gordo Taqueria

Gordo’s carnitas super burrito will do the job if you’re far from the Mission. The tortilla was steamed rather than browned on a flat top, which is a bit of a theological issue for some people. However, its lower price point makes it a viable option at 1.24 lbs / 562.3g, $12.70.
1239 9th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122

4. Chipotle

If you want to bring back memories of working a shitty, office job pre-pandemic, or flashbacks to a really bad road trip, look no further than Chipotle. The tortillas here, too, are steamed, and to be honest despite having all the same main ingredients as the other places, it comes off as bland. What’s worse is that the burritos are often poorly wrapped which leads to the burrito falling apart – definitely a sign of high turnover. A burrito with sour cream and guac (no cheese) comes in at 1.38 lbs / 628.2g, $14.25.

3. Taqueria Cancún

Taqueria Cancún, a solid go to if you’ve been drinking since happy hour at a place like the Sycamore, brown their burritos to a slight crisp on their flat top. Sometimes the burritos are so hot that you have to let them cool down before handling. I ordered the super beef burrito that weighed 2lbs / 907.19g, $13.00.
2288 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

2. Taqueria El Farolito

The most amount of food for the cheapest amount goes to Taqueria El Farolito. They take cash only, but the meat – which is diced to as small of a piece as possible so it can soak up as much seasoning as possible – is worth it. If you come at the right time, they might be frying meat on the flat top a second time. This second frying adds an extra crisp and savory flavor. This is why I hit this place after the lunch hour. The super beef burrito weighed a whopping 3.6 lbs / 1632.93g, $9.25.
2779 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

A prawn burrito from Papalote. Photo from Papalote’s Facebook page.

1. Papalote

The heaviest burrito on our list goes to Papalote. This should be no surprise since they were once featured on Adam Richman’s TV show Man Versus Food. At that time they had a burrito called the triple threat which is basically a burrito with two proteins which of course would make it heavier than the average burrito. I ordered the camarones (prawn) super burrito in Spanish. Could that be the reason it was so heavy? That burrito clocked in at 4 pounds (1814.37g)!!!!! It was my first meal of the day and I passed out after eating it, and didn’t eat anything until the next day. It’s also the priciest burrito setting you back $16.25. 1777 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94117

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