14 Dec 2023

Five Guys, Chick-fil-A Are Not Closing. It’s Just Clickbait

The misleading advertisements have been appearing as ads on several sites, with headlines like “Five Guys Closing Down All Restaurant Locations in 2024” or “America’s Most Famous Burger Brand Is Now Chinese Owned.” with a picture of a Five Guys restaurant or an image of a Big Mac burger as the cover image.

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13 Dec 2023

The Best 🎁 You Can Give Me for My Bday

It’s crazy to think that, at this point, I’ve been doing Broke-Ass Stuart for almost half my life. In that time it’s been A LOT of things: a couple zines, 3 books, a travel TV show on IFC, and oodles of fun projects and web series. And of course, there’s always

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05 Dec 2023

Why The Bay Area Needs to Divest from Our Family Policing System

Written by Ashley November whisked by in a whirlwind of fallen variegated leaves and crisp air. It was National Adoption (of humans) Month, and I spent it reflecting on my teen years in the Alameda County child welfare system. Or as I now refer to it, the family policing system,

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30 Nov 2023

1/3 of Newspapers Will Be Gone by 2024

I know you’ve probably heard that local journalism is in a bad place. But even I didn’t realize it was this bad. According to a recent report by the Local News Initiative, by next year, more than 1/3 of all local newspapers in the US will have closed since 2005. And the

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29 Nov 2023

Recognizing Fake News Now a Required Subject in California Schools

By Carolyn Jones for CalMatters via The 74 Pushing back against the surge of misinformation online, California will now require all K-12 students to learn media literacy skills — such as recognizing fake news and thinking critically about what they encounter on the internet. Gov. Gavin Newsom last month signed Assembly

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28 Nov 2023

What The Massive Flaring At The Chevron Refinery Means For Richmond

If you go north of Berkeley, you’ll notice something interesting about the East Bay’s shoreline. It becomes increasingly industrial once you cross the boundary into Contra Costa County. Richmond is the first city you hit (El Cerrito is just rich Richmond) and it serves as a quintessential example of an

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27 Nov 2023

Possibly The World’s Last Anchor Steam Kegs are Being Tapped at Buzzworks

Runnin’ Out of Steam – An Anchor Beer Bust! Calling all Anchor Lovers!  The last Anchor Brewing kegs and Christmas Ales in the world (that we know of) are being cracked, drunk, and celebrated at Buzzworks in San Francisco on December 9th, 12pm-8pm! RSVP Right Here. The last kegs of

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A woman.
27 Nov 2023

This Writer Rallying for Liberation Knows War All Too Well

Six writers brought out a much bigger crowd than you might think for a chilly Thursday night on 24th Street. Though many poetry and literary events are titanic in an area with as rich a history for it as the San Francisco Bay Area, most shows are on the smaller