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D is for Thursday: FREE Dick Dale show and FREE DIY coasters

August 27 is a great day to be a brokeass

FREE Dick Dale in store show

Dick Dale is a total badass. When I saw him in Portland, he stopped playing when he noticed a seven-year-old boy in the audience not wearing earplugs. He started playing again as soon as one of his roadies gave the kid some plugs. After the show, he wouldn’t sign t-shirts with his own Sharpie, saying he needed to keep his pen gunk free for autographing women’s chests. If you’ve seen Pulp Fiction, you’re familiar with Dick Dale’s work. He played the sweet surf guitar riffs on the soundtrack, and is considered the king of surf music. He plays a left-handed guitar upside down. Leo Fender designed him a special amp after he kept blowing them up from playing too loud. Tomorrow afternoon, he’s playing for FREE with his teenage son at J&R Music World. Go, and then gloat about it to your friends with day jobs. (If you have a day job, sneak out ot see him at lunch).

Dick Dale and Jimmy Dale
J&R Music World
23 Park Row, Finanical District
Thursday, August 27, 2pm

FREE DIY Thursdays

It was a magical day when my mom said I was old enough to use the hot glue gun by myself; Elmer’s glue was inferior for making rings out of rhinestones and tin foil. Even if you didn’t spend your childhood playing with pipe cleaners, there’s still time to become crafty. Start by going to the last DIY Thursday at the Musuem of Art and Design. Etsy (the web site where you can find that handmade Bigfoot wallet of your dreams) and the musume teamed off to offer free workshops during the museum’s Pay-What-You-Wish nights. Tomorrow night, you can learn how to make coasters by quilting paper and waterproof vinyl to protect your Ikea coffee table. Also, check out the awesome glass jewelry, painted glass, and industrial ceramics on display in the musuem’s current exhibits

DIY Thursdays/Pay-What-You-Wish
Musuem of Art and Design
2 Columbus Circle, Manhattan
Thursday, August 27 6pm to 9pm

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Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher

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