Closing of a venue

08 Apr 2024

Bring Back Trespassing, For San Francisco’s Sake

The #sfdoomloop is a media dogpile that feels at times like a character assassination. The story going around is the city is dead or dying. With local politicians vying for tech and other profitable industries to (re)invest, it seems that way. Tech is never coming back, and these uninspired bids

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08 Dec 2023

Oakland’s Ruby Room Closing After 24 Years

We hate seeing such a great place close its doors, truly. In an Instagram statement on December 7th “Oakland’s living room”, Ruby Room, announced that they will be closing their doors by the end of the year – 24 years after they originally opened. In a joint statement, owners said

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20 Oct 2023

Oakland’s Golden Bull is Teetering on the Brink of Closure

Here we are, years after Covid started closing doors of favorite venues across The Bay Area and we’re still feeling the continued impact of the pandemic’s wrath. Today, we learned that a beloved Oakland venue, The Golden Bull, is on the brink of closure and are reaching out to us

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20 Oct 2023

SF’s Vintage Mall, Stuff, is Closing

San Francisco’s largest vintage shop, Stuff, has lost its lease and will be closing at the end of January according to an instagram post where staff explained the details behind their sad end. What’s unique about STUFF is that there are over 60 businesses who have their own little collectible

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24 Jan 2023

PianoFight SF to Permanently Close

“Of course it’s sad to close,” says Executive Director Dan Williams. “But we’re so grateful and so proud of what we’ve been able to do.”  On March 18th, PianoFight SF will permanently close. The venue has hosted 6,702 performances since it opened in 2014 at 144 Taylor Street in the

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05 Oct 2022

San Francisco’s Best and Worst Rebrands

Chicago stubbornly calls their landmark skyscraper Sears Tower, rejecting the Willis name. In Kansas City where I grew up, it’ll always be Sandstone Amphitheater. No matter where you’re from, you no doubt know somewhere/something special that now goes by a shittier name. San Francisco has plenty.  For instance, in an

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09 Sep 2022

Beloved Ice Cream Shop Under Threat of Eviction

So, as I was melting from this week’s heatwave, I learned that my favorite San Francisco ice cream shop, Joe’s, is under threat of eviction.  Here’s the scoop. Back in February, the building went on the market. Then, more recently, the owners of Joe’s (Sean and Alice Kim) had a

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Farmers Market Battles Elite School
22 Jul 2022

Who Will Win? The Farmer’s Market vs. The Elite High School

This week, a private battle between Outer Sunset Farmers Market & Mercantile (OSFMM) and a private high school, St. Ignatius College Preparatory(SI), became very public via a letter published online by OSFMM. The permit for The Sunset’s popular and well-trafficked farmer’s market will expire on August 13th and, while the

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