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23 Nov 2023

The Mother Daughter Duo Handing out Socks to the Unhoused

For the last four Christmases, a mother-daughter duo has hopped on their sleigh and rode around Christmas Eve, handing out new socks to the folks living on the streets of San Francisco. Darnel Tasker and her daughter Zoe started the tradition during the quarantined Christmas of 2020, as a way

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10 Nov 2023

Making The Coolest Balloon Art in The World

Back in 2000, during the first dot-com economic downturn, Korene Tom lost her administration job. From there, Korene saw this as a rare opportunity to leave that life behind and become – a balloon artist and clown! Today, she is making some of the most amazing balloon art I’ve ever

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09 Nov 2023

John Waters on The Year of FILTH, Punk, & Christmas

“I just made bad taste 1% more respectable and…Trump ruined it, this is not even bad taste.”

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03 Nov 2023

Jennifer Locke’s Unconventional Journey Into Performance Art & Beyond

Imagine an art opening where people are holding wine and chatting. Suddenly, a figure dressed head to toe in white interrupts the crowd who move to the side to let her through. She is sweating and her face is red. Her teeth are gritted as she pushes and pulls a

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03 Nov 2023

Inside The Whimsical World of ‘Defense Mechanisms’

The Bay Area’s “Chairman of the Hoard,” sculptor Nemo Gould, has a solo show opening this weekend titled “Defense Mechanisms” in Oakland. The whimsy within each sculpture is rivaled only by the deep meaning behind many of his pieces, as well as the exhibition’s ability to highlight Nemo’s sculptural expertise.

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02 Nov 2023

Coffy, Art, & Open Studios All Over San Francisco

I’ve volunteered extensively with ArtSpan for several years. I was the Co-chair of the Open Studios Committee for a bit and even helped develop the Mentor Team, where artists who have experience with open studios offer up their knowledge to people just getting into the game.

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27 Oct 2023

WITCHFEST And The Enchanting World of Alameda’s Feathered Outlaw

Last week, on the West End of Alameda, a full coven of witches gathered for the third annual WITCHFEST hosted by Feathered Outlaw. This unique gathering brought together more than 30 independent vendors specializing in magical products, as well as a diverse array of holistic and mystical practitioners, all drawing

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A man.
20 Oct 2023

Meet the Traveling Writer Penning Strangers’ Poems

BY LAUREN PARKER Ben Bernthal would like to write a poem for you. You just have to pick three words.  “A lot of people don’t know they like poetry,” Bernthal says, now based in San Francisco and a regular presence near the Ferry Building and in the Mission. Set up

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