22 Nov 2023

How San Francisco is Addressing the Challenge of Trans Homelessness

By Taylor Heeden, Carolina Public Press Homelessness among LGBTQ+ identifying people is far more prevalent than in other communities, with transgender and gender-nonconforming people unhoused at the highest rate in the community. According to the Texas Homeless Network and the Trevor Project, one in three transgender people in the United

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12 Oct 2023

Ask a Tenant Lawyer: What to Know Before Signing a Lease in San Francisco

Ask a Tenant Lawyer is your chance to learn how to survive as a renter in San Francisco. Tenant’s Rights Attorney Daniel Wayne represents residential tenants in landlord/tenant disputes in the Bay Area.  Have a landlord-tenant question you’d like to see covered? Send an email to alex@brokeassstuart.com and we’ll forward

28 Sep 2023

Investing in the Future: Why SF’s School Salary Negotiations Matter to All

In San Francisco, a not so quiet battle is unfolding that has far-reaching implications for everyone, regardless of whether you have children. The salary negotiations for the San Francisco Unified School District may seem like a localized issue, but they hold the power to shape the city’s future, impact its

22 Sep 2023

Inside Oakland’s Most Unique House: The Moonlight Manor

The Moonlight Manor is Oakland’s most unique house with artistically themed rooms built by a community of talented Bay Area artists. Last week, I had the privilege of touring this space and sitting down with the owner to unveil the fascinating and touching true story behind this exceptional home and

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12 Sep 2023

Berkeley Needs Housing, But It Shouldn’t Get Rid Of People’s Park

I am not a NIMBY. I get called a lot of things on the internet, but NIMBY actually would offend me. I detest NIMBYs. They are the biggest problem in the State of California. I really and truly believe that, so what I’m about to say may sound out of

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27 Jul 2023

A Big Apartment Building Just for Teachers is Opening in the Mission!

A big ol’ buildin’, just for teachers has finally got approval AND funding in the Mission District. The nonprofit Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) secured the $12 million it needed to build some 63 affordable educator condominiums at the 2205 Mission St. site. That funding came through the Mayor’s Office

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26 Jul 2023

What it’s Like Moving Back to SF After 8 Years in Oakland

In 2015, I moved from San Francisco to Oakland. It was a big jump. I’d been living in Cole Valley and Lower Haight for about a dozen years, a whirling kaleidoscope of street festivals, loud bars, frenetic streets and the revolving cast of vagabonds always making their way through. I

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05 Jul 2023

Cities with the Fastest Growing Home Prices in the Bay Area

4 PM production // Shutterstock Cities with the fastest growing home prices in San Francisco metro area It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic sparked a wave of uncertainty across myriad industries, and no other market has quite felt its impact like that of real estate. The pandemic became

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