Balmy Alley view
22 Apr 2022

The “Mayor of Balmy Alley” Has Been Evicted

Balmy Alley in The Mission is covered in brightly colored murals which delight visitors. For the last year, the “Mayor of Balmy”, artist Andrés Rojo, has been navigating the legal system after he was evicted by his landlord. Last week, Rojo lost his legal battle and has less than 40

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Architectural art display featuring small white housing models.
06 Apr 2022

‘House of Commons’ exhibition lays out the future of communal living

In an increasingly uncertain world, the conventions of yesteryear begin to falter. In 2022, when nearly a third of the American workforce earns less than $15 an hour, the notion of securing stable employment and purchasing a home to populate with your very own nuclear family seems almost quaint in its

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large dragon art car breaths fire wile illuminated
01 Apr 2022

A Permanent Home For Artists: Seaport Studios

This goes out to all the dreamers who have dreamt of permanent creative maker spaces in the Bay Area. While the fabric of The Bay Area’s artistic communities has repeatedly been at risk of being pushed out, a newly formed space called Seaport Studios in Richmond is here to stay.

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The industrial generator's hooked up to the first floor of The Oakland Cannery
25 Mar 2022

Oakland Government finally steps in after artist threats

The s**t is hitting the fan over at The Oakland Cannery since our story about unsafe living conditions broke just last week. KQED published an article this week about the industrial generators creating unsafe living conditions and put pressure on the city. Turns out, the noise made by the press

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older man sits on a stool. behind him are large works of art and art supplies
17 Mar 2022

Oakland Artists Battle Weed Growhouse Over “Unsafe” Living Conditions

An East Oakland landmark, The Oakland Cannery, has been the topic of many articles regarding evictions they have been facing for the past 6 years. This July, the Cannery residents will go into settlement court with their landlords, Colorado-based cannabis investment firm Green Sage LLC. If they can’t reach an

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09 Feb 2022

Meet the Girl Scout Troop that Empowers Homeless Girls

If you’re hankering for a cookie fix, look no further than Troop 6000’s Girl Scout cookies.  Troop 6000 is a Girl Scout program designed to serve houseless girls in the New York City Shelter System. The troop meets weekly in shelters across the city, led by community volunteers and women

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24 Jan 2022

Over A Thousand Applications for 91 Below-Market-Rate Units At The George

The full superlative is a bit of a mouthful: the-highest-percentage-of-middle-income-below-market-rate-units-included-in-a-market-rate-building, in San Francisco’s history. Potential renters could submit applications to the housing lottery on DAHLIA, SF Housing’s Portal up until Dec. 2, 2021. As listed on the portal, qualifying incomes range from $54,192 for a single person household up to

21 Jan 2022

10 Years Ago, Finding Housing in SF was Like the Hunger Games

“712 Hayes” is a series of six episodes by Mustafa Shaikh about living in San Francisco in the 2010’s. If you’re a long-time resident of San Francisco in your 30s, there’s a decent chance you’ve been to a party of his at 712 Hayes. Without further adieu, here’s the first

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