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07 Jul 2021

FDA Comes Out Hard Against Huffing Poppers

The US Food and Drug administration issued a very unusual and out-of-the blue alert last week discouraging people from inhaling amyl nitrite, more popularly known as ‘poppers.’ The agency pounded home the message that they have seen an “increase in reports of deaths and hospitalizations” they attributed to the party-huffing

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28 Jun 2021

A Matchmaker Talks About Finding Love After the Pandemic

Hi and welcome to the BAS Weekend Wellness Column! My name is Erynne Elkins and I’m a Well-Being Advocate and Certified Breathwork Facilitator. Every Friday I’ll share a holistic wellness modality available here in the Bay Area. Cheers to good health! The Geometry of Dating “Life has changed. I call

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25 Jun 2021

5 Ways to Combat the GOP War on Wombs

Don’t let a new administration, COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, and Olivia Rodrigo trick you in to thinking anything has shifted culturally. In my youth we had Bush Jr., the aftermath of 911, and Avril Lavigne, and yet we are right back where we started so buckle up it’s gonna be a bumpy fight.

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07 Jun 2021

Sexy Stuff to Do This Week: Stripper History, Steamy Storytelling, and Sinful Summer Shows!

Every Tuesday our subscribers get this awesome roundup in their inboxes. You should sign up right here to make sure you never miss a thing. Ah, summer in The City! The nudists are out and about in the Haight and the Castro, the parks are full of stripped-down singles peacocking

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09 Apr 2021

SFSX (Safe Sex) is the Sci-Fi Sex Worker Comic Book You’ve Been Waiting For

Welcome to Brain-Throbs & Blow Jobs, a column highlighting the great minds and perspectives of Bay Area sex workers through interviews and photo portraits by Maxine Holloway. I wouldn’t be the perverted queer whore I am today without San Francisco. The City by the Bay made living outside the lines a

31 Mar 2021

When Can Vaccinated People Have Casual Sex Again? An Analysis

COVID-19 vaccine eligibility is about to open up like mad, and the fabulous weather forecast right now means you will definitely be having Spring Fever soon. You are probably going to get your vaccination appointment in April, if you don’t have it already, which begs the question — when can

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10 Mar 2021

When The Cartoon Character Tattooed On Your Rear End Gets Cancelled

I got the cartoon skunk Pepé Le Pew tattooed on my right fanny cheek back in 1992, when I was 21 years old. Mind you, this was a time when a blockbuster indie hit movie Dazed and Confused featured a Matthew McConaughey character whose running “joke” was that he was

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25 Feb 2021

SF to Open Indoor dining, Movies & Museums Next Week

In short, indoor dinning at 25% capacity, indoor gyms at 10% capacity, indoor museums, zoos & aquariums at 25% capacity.  Even the GG park ferris wheel is will reopen! And they are lifting the 10pm curfew!

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