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05 Jun 2024

You’ll Find So Much Beauty and History When Walking Around West Oakland

We were part of the Exodus from San Francisco to Oakland back in 2012. Back when rental prices in the city had again become absurd, artists were again, being forced out and what had been so lively had again, been dimmed. This repeated wave has affected the city of San Francisco

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04 Jun 2024

Best Bay Area Events 6/4-6/24

Pride Month by Vanessa Gil, Arts & Events Editor Happy Pride, my fellow queers! I kicked off the month watching Bella Aldama, Charity Kase, and Gemini Santiago perform at Del Cielo Brewing. Such a fun event to begin the festivities. And there’s still so many more ways to to celebrate

04 Jun 2024

Why Juggalos Are San Francisco’s Last Hope

San Francisco foolishly entrusted their future with Skrillex, and he FAILED. I’m kidding, the Skrillex show went fine. I’ve been trolling his fans all week. I don’t think Skrillex will save the city. But fret not, San Francisco. The ‘doom loop’ won’t last forever, and I know exactly how to

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04 Jun 2024

Why First Friday Should Relocate To International Boulevard

Do you ever get bored? It happens to me, and First Friday, while fun, is also conceptually kind of stale. It’s on Telegraph Avenue, which is fine, but if anywhere in Oakland could be described as touristy, the street that inspired a popular novel by Michael Chabon and a song

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03 Jun 2024

Is Skrillex the future of San Francisco?

BY JEREMY KUEMPEL “I used to walk through this park on my way to the BART and today it’s filled with 25,000 beautiful people” Sonny Moore (better known by his stage name Skrillex) whispered into the microphone in front of City Hall, his soft voice amplified by a pair of

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03 Jun 2024

Why Aren’t Earthquakes More Common?

Sunday was off to a bumpy start in the Bay Area. Three separate tremors happened in the early morning hours. The first at 1:40 AM rattled the leeward side of the Berkeley Hills two miles north of Orinda. It was a M2.2, barely perceptible but to those right on top

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02 Jun 2024

Corral Fire Kicks Off 2024 Fire Season

2024’s fire season is already underway.  A wildfire roughly sixty miles east of the city near Tracy, has burned about twenty square miles of grassland. The fire consumed homes and vehicles as it approached Tracy, although no lives have been lost as of Sunday. Ample warning gave residents sufficient time

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31 May 2024

Kathleen Hanna’s Rebel Girl, My life as a Feminist Punk

Kathleen Hanna, the frontwoman of Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin was in San Francisco last week to chat with Brontez Purnell about her new book, “Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk,” at City Arts & Lectures. I was looking forward to the event and listened to

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