06 Mar 2018

Everything Going Down for International Women’s Day in The Bay Area

Guest Post by Rebecca M. Farrar While not an official holiday in the United States, more than 100 countries around the world celebrate International Women’s Day. In Russia, men give women chocolate and yellow mimosas, the flower, not the drink, and in China women are entitled to half a day

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06 Mar 2018

Deadly Form of Heroin is Killing Users in San Francisco

Posters reading ‘Deadly Street Drugs Alert!!’ have been hung in parks and along muni lines in San Francisco by the Haight Ashbury Legal Organization (H.A.L.O.).  The posters read: “Fentynal-lased heroin and meth are causing deaths and overdoses at this time in San Francisco (FEB 2018)  it has also been found in

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05 Mar 2018

Chelsea Manning speaks about trans rights and we wanna send you!

Chelsea Manning worked as an intelligence analyst for the United States Department of Defense, where she publicly disclosed classified documents that revealed human rights abuses and corruption connected to the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon being sentenced to 35 years for leaking government documents, an unprecedented amount of

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05 Mar 2018

San Francisco’s Flag Sucks

This originally appeared in my SF Examiner column Broke-Ass City under the name “It’s Time for a New San Francisco Flag“ San Francisco is beautiful. The combination of fog, hills, Victorians and water makes a city that shimmers in peoples’ imaginations and sticks with visitors the rest of their lives.

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05 Mar 2018

Entire Bar Staff of Phoenix Irish Bar Fired…Right Before St. Paddy’s Day

On Sunday afternoon bar manager Marissa Poulin was working her shift at the Phoenix Irish Bar when owner Eugene Power walked in and told her that the bar was closing and that she was to go home. Poulin explained by email that Power told her “The server would close the entire bar

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03 Mar 2018

What Life Is Like When You Retire from the Circus

Please listen to this newest podcast and share it. Also, make sure to subscribe. Links are below: itunes Google Play Soundcloud Oh man! We’ve got yet another fantastic episode for you! This week we have former circus performer, and current stage performer and writer, Genie Cartier. Genie talks about growing up

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02 Mar 2018

New Hip-Hop Song “Housing Crisis” Takes Unflinching Look at SF’s Huge Problem

I received this press release a little bit ago. As I’m doing a million things before I have to run to work I’m just gonna paste it below. That said I know many of you will really appreciate the message in this song. He calls out lots of folks who

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02 Mar 2018

When a Work Email Chain Goes Very Very Wrong

by Devin Holt Editor’s note: Most stories are made out of paragraphs that lead to the next paragraph. This fictional account of an email thread gone very, very wrong uses a slightly different format.                                

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