02 Feb 2024

“No Fuel for Genocide” Protesters Crash Chevron CEO’s Dinner in Oakland

Oakland protesters chanted “No Fuel for Genocide” during their unexpected interruption at the dinner of Chevron CEO Mike Wirth in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood. The surprise visit aimed to condemn Chevron for its involvement in supporting Israel’s apartheid regime and the continuing crisis in Palestine. In a TikTok by @jersey.noahx, you

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01 Feb 2024

The Bay’s Legendary Eco-Artist: Bonnie Ora Sherk

Bonnie Ora Sherk is a bit of an ecological art legend in the Bay Area and beyond.  College Students learn about her work in environmental art classes, children practice her ideas at her Living Libraries, San Franciscans enjoy her visions in the green spaces of our city, and marketers should probably study her performance art as a model for garnering positive public attention and support.
BONNIE ORA SHERK: LIFE FRAMES SINCE 1970 Exhibit at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture (FMCAC)

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23 Jan 2024

London Breed Refuses To Sign Gaza Ceasefire Resolution

Since the horrific attack on Israel on Oct. 7th, and the disproportionate response by the Israeli government, many people have taken to the streets demanding a ceasefire. And it’s not hard to see why: according to recent figures, anywhere between twenty and thirty thousand people have been killed on the

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09 Jan 2024

Is Elon Musk On Drugs?

  Writing about Elon Musk is interesting. He’s absolutely an international figure, and despite how much we loathe it, he’s a local in some sense of the word. Every stupid tweet, edgy meme and desperate plea for attention isn’t just another piece of billionaire news – for Bay Area residents,

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04 Jan 2024

The People Lost ‘People’s Park’ in Police Night Sweep

Last night, hundreds of police officers in riot gear accompanied by University of California at Berkeley officials and a demolition crew, descended on People’s Park after midnight to clear it out and fence it off.

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03 Jan 2024

California’s Confusing Primary Voting Process Explained

Welcome to one of the most confusing parts of the election process in California: the Closed Primary.

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02 Jan 2024

Why Is Everyone Making A Big Deal Out Of The London Breed Diss Track?

San Francisco has a long, rich and storied history of shitting on its elected officials. So, why did a London Breed diss track that didn’t even go viral on its own from an unknown rapper in Chinatown create such a shitstorm?  Which is a fair question because within a day

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26 Dec 2023

Garret Doty Acquitted In Marina District Pipe Beating Case

Violent crime is rarely random. Despite this, media organizations often depict acts of violence out of context in order to scare the general population and ultimately drive traffic to their respective sites and use whatever happened as a way to bolster their political objectives.  The case of Garret Doty is

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