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22 Nov 2023

New California Law Offers Fresh Protection From Steep Ambulance Bills

By Bernard J. Wolfson Last year, Jennifer Reisz’s college-age daughter, Megan, was kicked in the chest multiple times by the family’s horse. Megan fell to the ground, unable to move or speak. Though she was alone, her Apple Watch detected her distress and called 911. She was taken to a

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14 Nov 2023

Why Do I Fantasize About Working At The Post Office?

For those of you who aren’t in the know, I work in tech. I understand the deep irony of this considering I became a micro-niche internet celebrity (or BAYmous as Mario0o0o0o0o calls it) by shitting on tech workers, but I can say this unequivocally, tech saved me from poverty.  Recently

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13 Nov 2023

On Logging Off And Actually Living in San Francisco

On a rumbling N Muni train, coming home from Medicine for Nightmares and the shop’s well-attended Poets for Palestine event, I see a scene straight out of Spike Jonez’s Her play out in front of me. A 20-something person flicks between matches on Bumble, a map of San Francisco itself, and

31 Oct 2023

Man Who Attacked Parishoner, Detonated Bombs In SF, Identified

America is in the grips of a mental health crisis, and it’s manifesting on the streets of our cities. In San Francisco, residents are constantly confronted with the unhoused wandering the streets to the point of desensitization, and in recent years, utter contempt. In the suburbs surrounding San Francisco, mental

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The city and a person.
23 Oct 2023

On Finding A New Life in San Francisco

It’s not a facetious question to ask at this point: How many articles taking San Francisco and the Bay Area to task will we, the people who live here, suffer in the year of our lord 2023? The New Yorker is the latest publication to enter the fray, citing billionaires and chefs

19 Oct 2023

Halloween Costume Etiquette this Year

Halloween costumes can be fun, creative, meaningful, and/or festive. Halloween costumes also come with some caveats and the notion that what we wear and what others wear is a two-way street. 

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11 Oct 2023

How to Decorate Your Home For Halloween…Safely

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year for many people. However, an appreciable swath of the population say Halloween is where it’s at, especially as it gives opportunities for ingenious souls to indulge their creative passions, particularly when it comes to decorating.

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02 Oct 2023

Getting Sober in the Bay Area Has Never Been Easier

As is paramount, let’s start by saying your writer here is not a substance abuse counselor nor a medical professional. This is just my experience and my opinion about something I’ve found critical in my own life over the last decade: Finding a life outside of alcohol and most drugs.