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04 May 2023

Explorez SF: Hypnothérapie, Astrologie, Entrepreneuses Françaises, Art Déco et Chèvres?! 

Cet article est dans l’esprit d’une lettre “Dear Abby” (une chronique utilisée dans la presse américaine basée sur des conseils), avec un accent sur des solutions sous la forme de plongées profondes dans des micro quartiers de San Francisco avec un itinéraire holistique centré sur la santé.

03 May 2023

Old Men Keep Complaining to Me About Trans Rights

There is a war against transgender people, and old white men are losing their shit. I work a couple jobs in the hospitality industry, and I must have an inviting demeanour because these men keep talking to me about gender politics. Maybe I’m just another outlet to vent after watching

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A building and a flag.
01 May 2023

Is The Transamerica Pyramid Transgender Like Me?

BY MATTHEW BELD A bright (ish) new light now graces downtown San Francisco —the Transamerica Building has started a multi-year facelift. A pyramidal blue glow has been spotted emanating from its upper point, signaling the beginnings of a head-to-toe renovation that is part of San Francisco’s vision for a more

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19 Apr 2023

How to Get into Activism and Advocacy

As the world burns and climate change deniers continue to, well…deny it, there’s an uprising in Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha to change and, hopefully, save (or slow the implosion) of our Earth. If you’re one of these tree huggers, activists, and/or a recently blooming conservationist then the advice

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05 Apr 2023

How To Plan Your Escape From Alcatraz Swim

Fleeing the unescapable Alcatraz has been part of the collective consciousness since the prison island’s inauguration in 1939, up until today. Conquering the temperamental, frigid waters separating shackles from sweet freedom have been the fodder for movies, books, video games, and songs. However, is planning your escape from Alcatraz impossible?

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05 Apr 2023

What it’s Like Coming Out as Non-Binary in My Hometown

The lump in my throat grew bigger, the longer I kept my secret. I’ve come out once before, and really every time I’ve met someone new. Why is this any different? I moved away from Sonoma to live in San Francisco as soon as I could. I was 18, going

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24 Mar 2023

California Wants Medicaid to Cover 6 Months of Rent

Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose administration is struggling to contain a worsening homelessness crisis despite record spending, is trying something bold: tapping federal health care funding to cover rent for homeless people and those at risk of losing their housing.

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A beautiful view of Sonoma County
14 Mar 2023

How to Enjoy Sonoma Wine Country…Sober

“At first I found it to be a bit ironic living in Sonoma Wine Country sober, but I’ve come to realize that it’s all about your perspective.”

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