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18 Dec 2023

This San Francisco Show Explores Palestinian Futures

On Wednesday, December 20, sound healers, writers, and many more will hold space in a Mission District gallery to dream of what Palestine might be like in 20 years, 100 years, the future. “Voices of Palestinian Futures” is an integrated program featuring six Palestinian artists exploring what lies in store

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11 Sep 2023

Meet The Carnies Running This Bay Area Art Party

BY LAUREN PARKER Photos by Jolene Engo and Julie Lanyi Sentient Engine’s beginnings are two intertwining love stories, and one of them was with an air cannon. Sentient Engine, a DIY maker space in a West Oakland warehouse that opened in fall 2020, has one mission according to co-proprietor Zane

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10 Jul 2024

This Literary Magazine Release Party Will Be Epic!

The Huge Release Party for the Literary Magazine In case you haven’t heard, we just put out an incredible literary magazine called The Dreams I Dreamt: Letters to San Francisco. It’s a gift to San Francisco, where 19 of The City’s best authors and poets – writers with SO many

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21 Mar 2022

Ursula X. Young is Uplifting Other Women Artists in the Bay Area and Beyond

Historically, the art industry has valued the work of women artists less than that of male artists, despite being the subject matter of most work. Today, women artists are working to lift each other up. In an effort to inspire younger aspiring artists during Women’s History Month, I wanted to

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02 Mar 2022

After a Series of Destructive Fires, 111 Minna Gallery Rises Again

“Some people might get bored of their jobs or their environment, but for me? No way,” says Michelle Delaney, owner and manager of 111 Minna Gallery, the cafe, art gallery, venue and bar in San Francisco’s SoMa District that recently celebrated its reopening after the pandemic shutdown and a series

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12 Nov 2021

6 Bay Area Artists to Watch

The Bay Area has long been known for its artistic community. Cities like San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and elsewhere have well established scenes that aren’t afraid to push boundaries, piss off property owners and add some life to otherwise lifeless places. Art is everywhere and everyone seems to think they’re

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03 May 2018

Herman Dune’s Sweet Thursday Celebrates Southern CA

Herman Dune’s first album in 7 years is a tribute to Southern California that will make you fall in love with the west coast all over again.   David Ivar  has spent most of their life on the road performing under pseudonym, “Herman Dune”. Dune hit the ground running – bringing

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