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22 Dec 2009

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: My Guide to Tipping

What about those situations when you are thinking, “Am I supposed to tip this person? If I do will I offend them? If I don’t will I offend them? If I do tip, how much should I give?” Then you ask your friend “dude, how much are you giving?” then you give more because your friend is a joker and you wanna tip right.

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10 Nov 2009

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: The Truth About Credit Cards

“I have some store credit cards and one ‘regular’ credit card, should I get an Amex so that I can get points?” -Sam

It has been well established that we spend more money when we use a credit card versus a debit card, approximately 12% to 30% more, depending on the source. So just keep this in mind that you may spend more and therefore really pay for those points or miles. If you are not sure whether you would be disciplined or not, don’t do it, and avoid the headaches….

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18 Jan 2021

The 100 Best Cheap Eats in the Bay Area

This list of great places to eat in the Bay Area will leave you smiling and probably drooling. All these joints are incredibly well priced, locally owned, delicious, and serving takeout in 2021. You can get something delicious, that will also fill you up, at all these eateries for under

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20 Oct 2009

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: What’s up with Healthcare?

What the f#%! is going on with Healthcare?
What is going on with healthcare is bananas.
If you do not have health insurance you expose yourself to great liability. Thanks Captain Obvious. You may say “well I can’t afford the premiums, and even if I could, I don’t trust that health insurance companies will cover what they say they will.”

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29 Sep 2009

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: What to do with “extra” money?

Where is the best place to put extra money right now? – TD

Extra money?! Woohoo! Yeah! I know some of you reading this are thinking, “dang, that would be nice to have some ‘extra money,’ and if I had some I wouldn’t have any trouble thinking of what to do with it.”

What is “extra” money? Is it the $10 you have left at the end of the night that you didn’t think you would have? Is it the money beyond what you needed to cover your regular monthly expenses? Is it the money you have beyond covering monthly expenses, savings, and retirement investments? It means something different to everyone, because what people feel they “have to” make is different to everyone.

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22 Sep 2009

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: Should I Buy a Car or not?

Hey Coach Sizzle, should I buy a car or not? -KT
I am extremely passionate about giving advice on buying cars. Why? I have made many mistakes namely leasing new versus buying used. At one time, when I was 24 years old I was not only leasing one vehicle, but two vehicles. Wow. Really? What an ass! Ok, well at this point now, I have not owned a car for almost four years and I am super ecstatic about it. I hate to brag and everything but I ride San Francisco’s public transportation system, Muni, and I flippin’ love it. I don’t even buy a fastpass because I know that I spend less on fares individually based on how much I ride.

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15 Sep 2009

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: Spending Revolution

Who said this? “We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”

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08 Sep 2009

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: Money, Will You Go Out With Me?

While being young, broke and beautiful is all well and good, some people’s finances are more jacked than others.  That’s why we’ve invited Betsy Crouch (aka Coach $izzle) to come onboard and dole out some much needed advice.  She is a professional financial coach after all.  If you’ve got a

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