01 Aug 2019

The New “Lion King” is Everything That’s Wrong With America

I was compelled to write this after a matinee viewing of Disney’s new CGI-tastic Lion King with my mother-in-law, who kindly treated me to a movie and popcorn on a recent visit. We caught a 4:30pm showing of this seemingly harmless family film together and ended up sitting uncomfortably through

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27 Feb 2017

Seven Movies, Shows, and Docs That Will Get You Woke

GUEST POST BY MARCARILL GALNERMAI Blackish Yes, it’s hilarious. The show finds the humor in pain. Essentially, it’s about a modern day black family raising their children in a multi-generational home. Includes Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Larry Fishburne and Daveed Diggs (who played Lafayette in Hamilton). Reason to watch: Approaches every

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20 Nov 2020

100 Best Cheap Eats in the Bay Area

This list of great places to eat in the Bay Area will leave you smiling and probably drooling. All these joints are incredibly well priced, locally owned, delicious, and serving takeout in 2020. Check their links for store hours, menus, and ordering info, because things are always changing these days,

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Cinderella-Broke-Ass-Stuart-Broke-Ass-Disney Characters-New York-City
04 Aug 2014

5 Disney Characters That Could Survive as Broke-Ass New Yorkers

  Last night, as I finished Facebook stalking kids from middle school, I realized how many Disney Characters were financially challenged. And I couldn’t help but wonder if they could survive in a city like New York? Let’s find out! Timon And Pumbaa (And Simba by Default) Movie: The Lion

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24 Oct 2012

There Is A Place More Expensive Than NYC

  Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the one magical place on Earth where New Yorkers can go and be appalled by the price of a chili dog, revolted by the cost of a bottle of water, and be utterly nauseated by the price of a typical postcard—the one, the

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02 Oct 2010

Get Drunk With Walt Disney

It is no secret that I am a Disney Freak, which is why I am ashamed to say that in the past year, I have visited the new Walt Disney Family Museum a total of zero times.  The combination of pricey tickets, a hard-ish to reach location, and early hours

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