22 Dec 2016

Passive-Aggressive Gifts For Shitty Roommates

Unfortunately, living with roommates can be the only way to get by in an expensive city. Finding the right one is difficult, and many of us will never achieve such a feat in our lifetimes. However, you can have a little fun while hopefully improving your situation by popping one of these

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02 Mar 2010

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: Baby/Toddler Gifts

Sometimes this can feel stressful when you don’t feel like you have the funds to buy gifts, or the friend expecting the baby has registered for many expensive baby things. Also, you may feel resistant to buying something from a large store that feels impersonal. After hearing from friends that they received 5 times as much stuff as they needed for the first 6 months of their child’s life, it is motivating to think of other things that would be helpful and meaningful.

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