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05 Nov 2014

Win Tickets to Winterfest: Presented by Craigslist + SF Bike Coalition!

  It’s the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s largest party of the year! Join over a thousand bike-loving buddies in an evening of festivities,food, music, and bottomless beverages. Enjoy the fabulous local art auction, score a new bike and bid on items donated by your favorite bike-supporting businesses. This fun celebrations raises valuable funds for

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25 Dec 2010

Christmas Cookie Recipes for You Lazy City Folk

I write this post from the comfort of my parents’ couch. Later on today, I’m planning to do some baking and dirty up as many dishes as possible just because they have a dishwasher. But if you’re sticking around NYC for the holiday weekend, making a giant mess in your

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08 Nov 2021

How to Get $300+ Worth of Free Stuff at Rad Bay Area Restaurants

I am extremely excited to announce the release of The Delicious Card! Delicious cardholders get awesome deals at over 37 delectable Bay Area eateries! Membership is a great way to explore new places, support local businesses, AND support local journalism. And all you gotta do is join the Broke-Ass Stuart Patreon for $10

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09 Nov 2010

Broke-Ass Etiquette: Holiday Parties

Q: Dear Half-Price Headliner, Is it rude to show up at a holiday party empty handed?  If so, how can I bring something and not go broke doing so? A: It depends on the party.  If the gathering is casual and impromptu, then BYOB is the general rule, and you

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19 Dec 2009

DIY Diva: Tips for Broke-Ass Holiday Entertaining

Heyo – the DIY Diva here!  Let’s just cut right to the Christmas-chase here… holiday parties are a fuckload of what is awesome about the holiday season. When one is a broke-ass it is quite tempting (or practical) to put an ixnay-on-the-artaypay in an effort to save money. It is

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