23 Dec 2020

This Mission Street Arco Just Sold A $10 Million Winning Lottery Ticket

You feel lucky, punk? If so, proceed directly to the Arco ampm station at 5898 Mission Street, about 1,000 feet from the SF/Daly City border out in Crocker-Amazon. That Arco just sold a winning $10 million lottery ticket to a lucky Bay Area player, so plan your holiday Lotto Scratcher

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27 Feb 2011

Win a FREE Haircut at Metamorphosis Salon

I wish I lived in a salon. Inspired by Sarah’s guide-to-cutting-your-own-hair post last week, I went digging in my really old and disgusting clear closet organizer thing where I knew an aging pair of shears were buried somewhere.  See, I used to have bangs, and I would always cut my

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