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Win a FREE Haircut at Metamorphosis Salon

Updated: Jul 08, 2011 18:54
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I wish I lived in a salon.

Inspired by Sarah’s guide-to-cutting-your-own-hair post last week, I went digging in my really old and disgusting clear closet organizer thing where I knew an aging pair of shears were buried somewhere.  See, I used to have bangs, and I would always cut my bangs myself because one thing I flat-out refuse to spend more than ten bucks on is haircuts.  But then I realized my bangs just made me look like a pathetic Zooey Deschanel wanna-be (obviously no mere mortal can ever be as cute as she), so I grew those babies out and haven’t touched my hair since.

A few days ago, though, right before I snipped, I logged into my old Snapfish account, skimmed through some vintage photos and came to my senses.  I remembered I’m like a two-year-old when handling scissors — extremely dangerous.  I think the unfortunate combo of lack of coordination and the inability to chop in straight lines, no matter how detailed a guide I’m following, will forever cripple me in the art of self-hair-cutting.

But I still want a haircut, and I want bangs.  This time, though, I’m afraid to entrust my long, long locks to Great Clips, so I headed over to Yelp to do some salon reconnaissance — and WOW.  Haircuts really cost that much now?  I could send a Tanzanian kid to school for a year for half that.

Then I came across the special offer for Metamorphosis Salon, which filled my heart with joy because it contained two of my very favorite things — cheap stuff and gambling.  Apparently, they have a monthly raffle, and if you win, you get a FREE haircut.  From a REAL salon.  Tickets cost $5 a pop, but that’s still cheaper than Great Clips.  Or playing Keno.  For some reason the only people I know who actually buy lottery tickets are total broke-asses, and a simple statistics calculation tells me that there’s a WAY higher chance of winning this haircut than the lotto.  Oh, and of course, winning won’t slam you with The Curse of the Lottery — just pretty hair.

Metamorphosis Salon 1841 Market St. (btwn Guerrero & Laguna) [Hayes Valley/Mission]

Photo courtesy of Yelper Arseni H.

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Christy Jovanelly - Cheapskate Commentator

Christy Jovanelly - Cheapskate Commentator

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