Pete’s Candy Store

14 Mar 2011

See Photos of Strangers’ Belongings for FREE

While your living room chairs probably aren’t sneaking up to get it on on your roof. Though, that would be preferable your stuffed animals singing the un-catchy, boring songs in the worst muppet special ever. Or maybe all your stuff does is collect dust while you’re gone, but you’ll never

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27 Sep 2010

OCD Lecture: Flesh Lights and Other Toys from Japan

There comes a time in everyday when your mind wanders into the gutter and you start thinking things like, “Gee, I wish I knew more about the history and current trends of Japanese masturbatory aid technology.” Pete’s Candy Store can answer all your questions. Tonight, they’re starting back up the

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08 Nov 2021

How to Get $300+ Worth of Free Stuff at Rad Bay Area Restaurants

I am extremely excited to announce the release of The Delicious Card! Delicious cardholders get awesome deals at over 37 delectable Bay Area eateries! Membership is a great way to explore new places, support local businesses, AND support local journalism. And all you gotta do is join the Broke-Ass Stuart Patreon for $10

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12 Aug 2010

Pete’s Candy Store – Perfect All Year Round

Pete’s Candy Store has been a staple of the Williamsburg bar scene for as far back as I can remember. And that year is specifically, 2003. Any year before that is dead to me. For those who are unfamiliar, in typical Williamsburg fashion, Pete’s Candy Store was presumably, at one

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22 Jul 2010

Beco: A Non-Cheesy Brazilian Alternative

I’m not sure if it’s because of all those terrible Brazilian restaurants in Midtown, but for some reason, whenever anyone mentions anything about going to a Brazilian restaurant, I’ll just assume it’s going to be incredibly meat-heavy, Pan-South American (as opposed to actually Brazilian), neon-lighted, and generally horrible.  UNTIL NOW.

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31 Mar 2010

No, You Quizz Off: Trivia Night at Pete’s Candy Store

I am perfectly aware that Pat Sajak can out charisma Alex Trebek by simply batting his eyes or trimming a hang nail, but I will always prefer Jeopardy to Wheel of Fortune. I have many reasons: Jeopardy attracts fewer over-zealous clappers and never feels like a prolonged IHOP, Centrum Silver

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07 Mar 2010

FREE Oscar Viewing Party

Award shows can be a very laboring affair to watch. The Emmys are pretty meh, the MTV awards are a fucking joke but sometimes people show up wearing pasties, and the Grammy’s are just another opportunity for my ears to be assaulted by the Black Eyed Peas. But everyone always

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22 Feb 2010

FREE OCD Lecture: The Secrets of Jet Propulsion

While growing up in The Bronx, my friend’s dad used to build rocket ships to launch off of buildings. And he used hamsters as pilots. While I will remain silent on my opinion of hamster misuse in the situation, I will say that my friend’s dad is now a physicist

Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher 1
14 Feb 2010

A Valentine’s Guide for Lovers and Haters

Valentine’s Day is a weird little holiday. With fuzzy historical origins, no significant religious ties, and mostly exclusive to half the population,  it’s the Sarah Palin of holidays, loved by some and despised by a lot. It sneaks up on you every year with pandering shitty movies, Duane Reed starts

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