The Great American Music Hall

18 Aug 2015

Tony Glaser : Artist You Should Know

I met Tony at a SF house party where he was playing stand-up bass, while guests made up songs on the spot. Artists, singers, eccentrics, came and went from the makeshift living room stage to perform, laugh, and applaud. There was a revolving door of San Franciscans, waltzing to the beat of Tony’s bass.

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20 Sep 2011

Broke-Ass Band Interview: The Blank Tapes (Wed @ GAMH!)

Ok, fine, I’m writing about another show that I’m playing. But it’s not my fault that I happen to be playing at the Great American Music Hall (eeeeeeeh!!!) this Wednesday, September 21st, with one of San Francisco’s all-time favorite folk rockers: The Blank Tapes. And to be fair, I’ve never

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