Marni Kotak at Microscope Gallery

In the age of oversharing, who’s to say where the line is?  I mean no one cares that you are going to bed or that you really want a sandwich, but you tell us on Facebook and Twitter anyway.  So rather than sharing the mundane parts of life, why not share something more meaningful.  Why not give birth in front of an audience?  Why not film the whole goddamn thing?

Well that’s what performance artist Marni Kotak did.  On Tuesday, Marni Kotak gave birth to “Baby X” in front of 20 people in a gallery in Bushwick.  If you weren’t one of the 20,  you still have a few more days to visit the exhibit before it closes on November 7th.  The Birth of Baby X will include Marni Kotak speaking, breastfeeding and hanging with Baby X;  videos, sculptures and other art pieces from the related exhibit You Are My Baby; and video of the actual live birth.

It could be interesting, but obviously not for the faint of heart.  Is it art?  Let your next drunken dinner party decide.

The Birth of Baby X
Microscope Gallery
Thurs-Mon, 1-6 pm (until November 7th)
4 Charles Place (at the Myrtle, Willoughby interection)


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