Tonight! Sing “Lucy in the Sky with Drunkards”

Yoko: NOT INVITED iTunes “newcomers” The Beatles are the […]

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Dalva — Your New Sunday FREE FOOD Destination

SUNDAY FUNDAY First thing's first:  WHY THE EFF DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT THIS??  I thought I was the ultimate connoisseur of everything FREE food-related, as I am super broke


Karaoke and Dudes with Weird Muppets at Winnie’s in Chinatown

Laura's post about karaoke spots in NYC totally inspired me to post this excerpt from my book.  Winnie's is Amazing!!

Laugh at Others Rejections at the Bell House V-day Celebration

There's no better way to feel instantly better about your own romantic standings then to listen to the tales of heartbreak and rejection of strangers. In a funny

Sing Your Way to $500 at Japantown Karaoke Contest

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="See William Hung? If you want $500, be the opposite of him in every way."][/caption] The thing about karaoke is that you either love

FREE M.I.A. Show at Brooklyn Bowl

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial: Brooklyn Bowl really is so much more than a bowling alley. At traditional bowling allies, your only

Pay Per Song Karaoke at Planet Rose

We New Yorkers love us some karaoke. Heck, after a few beers most people across the globe love them some karaoke. There's something in the combination of alcohol

FREE Chat Roulette Karaoke

With Craigslist taking down their adult services and the waning popularity of Chat Roulette, the internet has lost two of its easiest opportunities for seein' some

A Broke-Ass Guide to Contraband

To save some of you the disappointment, first off, this guide is not intended for things like explosives or human kidneys. Far be it for

Karaoke Killed the Cat at Brooklyn Bowl

Most nights out in New York force some difficult decision making: dance party? karaoke? dirty bar? bowling? Why do these need to be mutually exclusive? At